Monday, October 10, 2011


I never wanted my blog to be about infertility.

I turn to infertility blogs often when I'm feeling particularly...infertile. But I had no plans to join the ranks of the infertile bloggers.

I, in fact, consciously avoided blogging about infertility until I was pregnant and mistakenly thought I was no longer a member of the infertility club.

But somehow it seems to have happened anyway.

So, I made some changes to the blog over the weekend.

I added an Oz page.

I added a Book Review page.

I added a TTC page.

I'm going to try to maintain my blog as sort of half general life stuff and half infertility (and of course someday PREGNANCY hopefully).

When times are particularly difficult, ie. in the midst of a miscarriage, I find my blog to be particularly helpful as a source of comfort as well as an outlet, but I am conscience of the fact that many of my followers/readers don't necessarily care about infertility and I don't want to alienate anyone or lose readers. So, we'll see how this new blogging strategy turns out.

What does everyone think of the new changes?


  1. I love the new background and header! Isn't Shabby Blogs fun? I always crack out for hours whenever I try and change my blog up... it can be strangely addicting in that way.

  2. Thank you for the comment on my PCOS/Famine post! PCOS is such a tricky thing and I don't think anyone has it figured out - I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy to be honest with you. So glad that I found your blog and can't wait to follow your journey. So very sorry for your recent loss - I'll be thinking about you this week!

  3. I love the changes! I think that you should blog about life and if infertility is part of that, you should include it! Blogging is a great outlet.

  4. I think they're great. But I also think you should blog about the things that are on your mind - and if infertility and treatments are the things on your mind, don't stress about your blog being labeled. Just continue to use it as the outlet you need it to be! :-)