Friday, October 7, 2011

Goodbye Depression, Hello Boots

I'm sure it comes as no surprise for me to say that I've been walking around in a daze these last few weeks.

I've been going through the motions but have been putting little more than that into each day.

Perhaps my acupuncture session did what it was supposed to.

Perhaps I'm just tired of being tired.

But I feel like shopping.

Specifically boot shopping.

And do you know what shopping means?

It means that the veil of depression is finally lifting.

I still cry...every least once.

But it's getting better.

Every day. Just a little bit better.

And of course not hating everything in your wardrobe also helps to not feel like shit.

I may or may not already have 7 pairs of boots in my closet, but I find improving my mood vastly outweighs the absurdity of too many pairs of boots.

So, fall boots here I come!

All boots from Zappos


  1. Did you buy all of those boots? if you did, I'm horribly jealous! I love the gray ones. I'm glad things are getting better day by day. :-)

  2. Hello.. thanks for following my blog!! Im glad you are feeling a bit better. it is hard and shopping is a great way to make you feel alittle better. Wishing you all the best and looking forward to following your blog as well! :) x

  3. They are awesome! Glad to say you are taking care of yourself and spoiling yourself. It is worth the money if it makes you just a little bit happy.

  4. Im obsessed with boots, but I may or may not only have 1 pair...