Thursday, July 12, 2012

What's the Opposite of Nesting?

Cause that's what I've been doing, the opposite of nesting.

It's probably just called procrastinating.

I'm like an expert procrastinator, I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that I'm doing it now.

But I feel like with just 5 weeks left some of this "nesting" that I hear so much about should really be kicking in.

Instead I'm just sort of going through the motions. 

 I KNOW I need to do certain things like rent my birth tub and I DID finally do it, but was not easy to motivate myself to JUST DO IT.  

Same with photographers, same with my birth kit, same with freezer meals, same with nursery.  I just can't seem to finish up the last little bit of "things" that need to get done before I pop this kid out.

I'm not even feeling overwhelmed or like I HAVE SO MUCH TO DO, I just can't seem to find the motivation to do the last few things.

Part of it is that I'm feeling absolutely exhausted these last few days.  I've gone back to getting up 4-5 times a night to pee (yet another indication that baby may have dropped, stomach less squished and bladder more squished) and when you're up every 2 hours I think you miss out on your REM sleep because a full sleep cycle is something like 3 hours?

I see some of you other preggos at this stage of pregnancy making lists and finishing everything up and really getting "ready" and I'm like BLAH, do I have to?  Do I REALLY need those freezer meals?  Do I REALLY need to finish the nursery?  Can't I just sleep until the baby comes at which point apparently I'm never going to sleep again?

This 5 week window of "full term" is kind of ridiculous.  Baby can come anywhere from 2 weeks to 7 weeks from now and all would be "normal".  But that's a pretty big window.

And if you're like me you like to put things off until the last minute.  OH YES I'm one of THOSE people.  Procrastinator to the end.  But when's the last minute?  It could be NOW, these could be our last 2 weeks...or it could be in 5 weeks, which means I have PLENTY of time...or it could be 7 weeks which means WHY AM I EVEN THINKING ABOUT THIS STUFF NOW.

So, what's this little preggo to do?  I can't find the motivation without the deadline, but the deadline is SO ambiguous that it's almost NOT a deadline...the REAL deadline is August 29, which is when baby HAS TO HAVE MADE IT'S EXIT.

Big fat sigh.

Guess we'll just keep blogging instead of nesting.

Anyone else having trouble finishing up before baby?  Or are you all crazy Type A's with lists galore and you're all busy ticking boxes while I contemplate and blog about freezer meals instead of making freezer meals?


  1. I am also having trouble. With twins I've heard you're supposed to have everything "wrapped up" by 30 weeks, and here I am at about 26 weeks and the baby room is filled with boxes from the move and we own absolutely NO baby supplies whatsoever. I am also a procrastinator to the end.

  2. If you do anything, do the freezer meals!! that was on my to-do list and I procrastinated until it was too late because "whoops" I was induced the weekend I had planned to make meals. With Neal working... I was stuck eating cereal and chicken nuggets because that was all we had in the house that could be made in the 5 mins Austin let me put him down. So that's just my 2 cents. :-)

  3. I have yet to start! I have done nothing, I just got done telling my husband and my sister that I wondering when this "nesting" thing will kick in. I mean we have NOTHING yet, some baby clothes but that's it. No crib, no car seat, none of the big ticket items. I too am just so tired when I get home from work I have no desire to do anything.

  4. I've sort of started to get some stuff done. Some laundry has been washed, but definitely not all of it. We really don't have too much to do in the way of decorating the baby's room yet, as I've not really bought tons of stuff for the baby's room (we have crib & changing table) as I don't feel the need to buy tons of junk that isn't needed now. I have tried to get my sewing and arts&crafts stuff out of the room, but haven't succeeded in that yet either. LOL
    We've still got time!! (That's what I keep telling everyone.)

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