Tuesday, July 3, 2012

It's Poll Taking Time Folks

The time has arrived.

Before baby drops (which according to thebump.com can happen anytime now) I need to know the numbers.

Who thinks Baby B is a boy?

And who thinks Baby B is a girl?

I'll give you some Old Wives Tales to help you along, although these always end up being about 50/50 don't they?

Poll is over on the right hand side of the page and will remain up until Baby makes his/her appearance.

Here we go...

The bump shape:  Low and out front, "basketball" shaped is boy.  High and more "all over" is girl.  Originally I was carrying very high and my bump was definitely not ball shaped...as we've entered later pregnancy we're still carrying high but it's definitely all out in front and looks more basketball-like every day.  Today I'm gonna give this one to BOY

Baby's heartrate:  This one is SUPPOSED TO BE higher heart rate is girl and lower heart rate is boy.  MY SISTER FLIP FLOPS THESE and she is way more accurate...like REALLY accurate.  So, baby has consistently measured in the 130's throughout this pregnancy = GIRL

Morning Sickness:  Nausea and vomiting is girl.  No sicky is boy.  I escaped morning sickness = BOY

Mama's skin:  If you have acne during pregnancy it's a girl.  Clear skin it's a boy.  My skin has been fine = BOY

Husband's Weight Gain:  If your husband gains weight right along side of you it's a girl.  If not, boy.  Dom is training for a marathon and LOSING weight = BOY

Pregnant Face: If you look pregnant in the face, it gets rounder and fuller, it's a girl.  No pregnant face for me...yet = BOY

Cravings:  If you crave sweets you're having a girl, if you crave salt you're having a boy.  My one and only craving has been sweets = GIRL

Chinese Gender Prediction = BOY

Alright, those are actually shockingly in favor of BOY...did I miss any good ones?

Here's the bump again for reference since that's honestly the one that I personally like to use:

What does everyone think?  Boy or girl???


  1. I have no idea, really, but I'll go with BOY!

  2. No morning sickness, acne, or rounded face? I kind of want to hurt you cute pregnant lady. :)

    This is a tough call. I'm going to go with the Chinese Predictor and say boy.

    You have great will power to hold off on finding out! I can't wait for the birth and see what that cute belly holds.

  3. I totally think you are having a boy- only a few more weeks and we will know for sure!!

  4. I guessed boy :) I can't wait to find out!

  5. hmm... the data really says boy, huh?? but I'm still going to go with girl. that was my very first gut reaction to your pregnancy news.. and if the heartrate one is pretty spot-on, then I say girl. Austin's HR was always really high.. in the 170's and 180's.

  6. I guessed boy!

    I love these old wives' tales, because I think if I didn't already know I would guess I were having a boy and a girl (which I am!). Sometimes my skin is clear, sometimes it's awful - it has been off and on, 2 weeks nice 2 weeks bad as if I were on my regular menstrual cycle. I'm carrying high AND round. One baby's heart rate is 150 (boy) and one is 130 (girl). No pregnant face but lots of morning sickness. I crave both frozen yogurt and french fries - possibly mixed together. So it's 50/50 for me, which is about right!

  7. haha, I have to detour from all of these guesses and say girl, ONLY because I think I am having a girl and I think we are having the same. That said.....our little one's heartrate is ALWAYS about 150. Can't wait to find out!

  8. I've been boy for forever so I'm sticking with it. Boy!

  9. According to a lot of those predictors, I am exactly opposite. With my girl I had a rounded face and my skin cleared up with Sadie, but doesn't seem to be doing so with baby boy. I was sick with both, I don't think Brian has gained weight in 10 years, and my baby boy's heart rate so far at our appointments has been in the 150s. I do notice the rounded "basketball" belly with my boy whereas with Sadie it was distributed more evenly. It's actually kind of creepy to look and compare the belly pictures from last time. So, I'm voting girl...but mostly just based on your bump and your family history (even though that has nothing to do with it!!)

  10. Boy! I totally thought I was having a girl before we found out. Only 6 more weeks! You look great!

  11. My stepmom just said to me today that she can tell if it is a boy or girl from the back. So, give us a back shot and I'll ask her. *grin* I'm going to see if hubby will take one of me to send her (not that I really want my backside photographed...and I know he'll have too much fun doing it).

    No guesses from me, as I really have no clue. :)

  12. I'm gonna say Boy as your bump is like mine. But either I can't wait to find out!! So exciting for y'all. xo

  13. I guessed boy! Just a hunch, but like my blog states- my hunches are usually only 25% right. : )

  14. Ugh! I don't know. Let's just say boy for the fun of it. Your belly is way too cute right now.

  15. I'm going with "girl" for you! :)!

  16. Well, since all the old wives' tales were WRONG for me, including Chinese Gender, I'm gonna have to say it's a girl! :)

  17. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.