Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Bumpdate - 35 Weeks


What the hell have I been jabbering on about for 300 posts?

Second, today is 35 weeks, which means 35 days left of pregnancy!

And at one day shy of 35 weeks, that would be yesterday, it happened... I finally feel tired, fat and just too damn pregnant to do anything.

My husband is gone and I'm stressed, I'm very very stressed.

And I'm tired.  I'm so so tired.

It's 6:30pm and I want to go to bed. (I wrote this part yesterday and for the record I stayed up until 9:30pm...but that was entirely the sun's fault, if this was winter and the sun went down at 4:30pm I definitely would have been in bed at 6:30pm!)

How far along: 35 Weeks

Weight Gain: +2 lbs this morning, this brings me to a total of 22 lbs.

What's Up with My Body: I still don't have these aches, pains and swelling that everyone keep talking about, I would go so far as to say I feel good EXCEPT when I have to walk somewhere...walking sucks.  My midwife told me much earlier on that walking would become uncomfortable later in pregnancy and I didn't believe her...I believe her now.  I can't even describe why it's uncomfortable, it just is.  My legs and feet feel like they're carrying around a much heavier load (duh! they are!) and my pelvis starts to feel heavy.  I don't think baby has dropped yet, but my pelvis definitely feels the weight of carrying baby around these I waddle.  I can walk normally for about 20 minutes and after's waddle time!  And these goddamn hills in San Francisco?  Forget it, there's no normal walking it's waddle, waddle, waddle all the way home.

My belly started itching for the first time last night.  Not a fan of the itchy belly!  I'm so sorry for any of you that had this start way back in the 20's weeks!  Yuck!

Oh my new favorite pregnancy symptom that I just noticed and thus have no idea how long it's been going on.  THE HAIR!  My hair does not fall out so it feels lush and thick.  I literally have NO hair in the drain after I take a shower and if I brush it NO hair comes out, it's DAMN COOL.  I wish my hair was always like this!  I do not want it to fall out in clumps post baby!

And did I mention I'm tired?

And that I'm stressed?  We put things like "Install Car Seat" and "Begin Freezer Meals" on the calendar weeks ago and they seemed WAY far away...well, WAY far away is suddenly here!  Car seat?  Supposed to go in NOW.  Freezer Meals?  Supposed to start those NOW.  Birth Kit?  Ugh, supposed to have that ready in a week!  And if I wasn't stressed enough one of the girls in my group prenatal class who was just 2 weeks ahead of me gave birth on Sunday!  A bit early at 36w something, but Eek!  Almost baby time!

Emotions: Oh dear.  I've fallen off my rocker again, some days are fine, others ARE NOT.  If I'm tired I get irritable REALLY QUICKLY and I'm back to crying at the drop of a hat.  This construction is killing me, they are somehow really draining on me emotionally, it's like they're IN MY BIRTH SANCTUARY...I want these people GONE!

Food: I'm still not hungry.  If I'm by myself I'm finding it really difficult to eat, just because I don't FEEL hungry and thus don't hunt out food like I should BUT if I sit down to eat I find I can consume large amounts of food and that obviously my tummy isn't squished TOO much because I can really eat a lot these days if someone presents me with food.  Maybe baby did drop and I just didn't notice?

Baby: Baby seems to be measuring on the larger side while I and my uterus seem to be measuring on the smaller side, wait, what?!  Yep.  At my midwife appt last week they palpated my uterus for the first time!  Do OB's do this?  They basically measure baby's size with their hands rather than with a machine.  This is one of those things that is becoming a "lost art" in the world of obstetrics and I'm so happy that midwives are keeping it alive.  IT'S VERY COOL.  But back to the palpating.  Baby was measuring roughly 5.5 lbs at 34 weeks which is at the very high end of normal BUT my uterus was only measuring at 32 weeks which is at the low end of normal.  No one is concerned about any of this as it's all within the realm of NORMAL, it's just interesting to know that YOU REALLY CAN'T TELL HOW BIG BABY IS BY THE SIZE OF YOUR BUMP.  But big growing baby explains why I'm so tired, why I suddenly feel heavy and...waddly and why I actually gained 2 lbs in one week.  I can only hope baby doesn't continue along the path of growing a 1/2 pound a week because we're looking at an 8.5-9 lb baby if that's the case!

Labor Signs:  I had way more Braxton Hicks contractions back in the 20's weeks than I do now.  I still get them daily but only a few.  I'm still pretty damn sure that baby is going to stay in for awhile.

Gender:  You guys my poll is split 50/50, exactly half of you think boy and half of you think girl, THAT'S HILARIOUS.  I had another baby boy dream this boy dreams are definitely outnumbering baby girl dreams at this point.  And at my baby shower I got a resounding GIRL vote with only a few guessing boy.  Truly this is going to be quite a surprise!


I might grow out of this tank top before we're through here, it barely covers the maternity panel on my jeans!


  1. AH HA! I knew you would be physically uncomfortable at some point! (Just kidding ... kind of .. misery loves company sort of......)

    When I walk sometimes it feels like I'm wearing a corset. It makes it hard to walk normally, so I also end up waddling. Ah, the pregnant lady waddle.

  2. You are SO adorable. I can't wait until you give birth. I know you're not ready, but we are all anxiously awaiting to find out the gender of this little one, and see how the home birth goes!

    It sounds like your husband travels as much as mine does. I wish we lived closer!

  3. You seriously have the cutest bump ever!! I am getting really really anxious I really want to know what you have in there! I change my mind every time I see your bump! my first thought is always boy, but then by the end of the post switches to girl! You better have your phone ready to update as soon as you deliver! LOL! Have a nice rest of the week :)

  4. You do have the cutest belly around!! I die. I want it!!! :) 35 days!! :)

  5. You look great! And how is it that you are ahead of me by 11 weeks and only 2 pounds??? You are scaring me as to how ginormous I will get. And interestingly, my baby is measuring small but my uterus is measuring HUGE. He was measuring my uterus to just under my ribs on Monday - and I know that is not normal at 24 weeks! I am starting to get tired/uncomfortable walking now too :(, it sucks, I have been enjoying independance. And I have looked at your poll results every day laughing because we obviously have NO clue!

  6. I've outgrown my tanks too! I still wear them around the house though and let my belly peek out. You look great. Can you believe how close we're getting?!?!? :)

  7. Omg you really do have a good looking bump ;) There can't be that much baby in that little belly! YAY for only 35 more days! We haven't installed the car seat either and I finally just got around to making freezer meals this past weekend. I did a bunch all in one weekend, to say it was exhausting is an understatement so if husband can help let him and take breaks.

  8. It's so crazy that you look the same but with a big bump. I bet from the back, you can't tell you are preggo!

  9. I am loving your bump!
    Not to mention your maternity jeans and look so comfy.
    I am totally thinking boy. But you might be one of those lucky girls that doesn't 'look' pregnant, anny place else but in he belly and have a girl.

    I truly cannot wait to find out!
    You must be getting so excited, anxious and nervous!!!

  10. I haven't seen your blog posts pop up on my reader lately. :(

    My nurses palpate my tummy each time I go in to check and see how big my uterus is and also to see where the little one is at. There's no fancy equipment at my nurse-appointments, but they check everything that needs to be done anyway.