Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Newborn Photographer

I have ummed and awwed about every different photographer there is for a pregnant lady and decided on nothing.

I'm very picky when it comes to photography.

I've been pondering maternity photos...after much research decided on NO because as much as I like pretty belly photos I think those pictures of the husband with his hands around the woman cuddling her belly are cheesy.  SORRY IF YOU LOVE THOSE.  It's just not our thing.  And am I really going to blow up and frame a picture of my belly?  I'm thinking probably not.  So I had decided no right up until last week when my midwife made it clear that she thought I had a pretty belly and should REALLY get it photographed...now I'm back to undecided because how many bellies does a midwife see?  Seems like if your midwife tells you that your belly is pretty you HAVE to have it photographed.  Still undecided and rapidly running out of time for this one.

I've pondered birth photography since I was 22.  Sometimes I see AMAZING stuff and I'm like OMG I WANT THAT but every time I go hunting for a birth photographer in the area I'm met with...meh.  Nobody's work is really jumping out at me and making me want to spend the money on them AND have them in the room with me while I'm in labor and pushing a baby out of my hoohah.

And then there's newborn photographers.  I knew I was going to do this it just hasn't been at the forefront of my mind lately and I kept forgetting about it.  Especially because I was still looking for BIRTH photographers and you know birth comes before a newborn so I figured I should make a decision on that one first.  But all of a sudden it's like SHIT we need to get this figured out NOW!  So, last week I went on a mission to find myself a newborn photographer.  I was searching and searching, getting more and more discouraged when VOILA!

I found her.

I found my photographer.

Look at these babes:

I die.

And just like that DECISION MADE.

I've hired my photographer.

Anyone else hiring a newborn photographer?  Or maternity?  Or birth photographer?

* NONE OF THESE PICTURES ARE MINE, they are all Sarka Trager Photography


  1. I cannot even handle those photos. Seriously. They are beyond my handling capacity right now. So. Cute.

  2. I love those pictures. I had the same problem and then didn't end up with any (which I totally regret). Now I have to wait until 6 months because the photographer I finally found said we can get better pictures if we wait a month or so.


    I'd like to say I will be my own newborn photographer but I don't know. My dad took some great pictures of me as a newborn and I actually have that same camera. However, there is a difference between a DAD taking the newborn pics and a MOM, who has been up all night breastfeeding. Maybe it's worth it to find someone else to do it, ha!

  4. I definitely want maternity and newborn pics - have not ever considered birth pics....and probably will not! I have looked around a lot though and so far not overly impressed. In my old city (small) there were tons of amazing photographers....here in the big city - I hate them all. Too tacky or portraity....bleh. I will likely just put my maternity pics in a book though, neat to look at and show baby one day and remember, not so much to hang on the wall for people to look at awkwardly when they come over. I love all newborn pics though, they will be adorable, so glad you're all set!

  5. I can't decide about maternity photos but I'm leaning towards no. I'd much rather shell out for great newborn photos like these! But then I wonder if maternity photos are like boudoir pics--which I did for my wedding, and LOVED--and if maybe I shouldn't at least consider them. But I always go back to no. So I'm guessing I won't end up doing them unless someone really twists my arm (I have a photog friend who is still building her portfolio, for example).

    Birth pics are definitely out for me though. Not my cup of tea.

  6. Oooh! Those are precious! I was definitely planning this, but overwhelmed with finding a photographer, especially at this early stage in pregnancy, but it's been on my mind, so...I"m totally going to copy your photographer if that's okay. :) Since I'm in the area.

    I've been meaning to ask you - can you please do a post about what your home birth will entail and how you set up for that, who will be there, etc. Do you have a birth plan or something you could post? I'm fascinated with your home birth, and would love to know more!

  7. I went for a preggy belly photo shoot at about 7 months & enjoyed it so much! I even entered & won a competition with one of the shots *blush* As this was my 1st full term pregnancy, I wanted it documented in every which way possible. & what better way than with photos done by a professional? Birth shots were out of the question though. Who has time to think of photos & to me the actual birth is very private. Newborn photos were limited to the ones I took myself with my trusted phone haha, but came out nice all the same (well, good enough for the baby book anyway) I've been following your blog for some time now, I am very excited for you guys!!!

  8. I did go for the maternity pictures 2 weeks ago and loved it. I was very lucky that my boss is a photographer (although she doesn't normally do portraits) and so kindly offered to do my photos for free!! She has even offered to do the newborn photos too. And since I'm not paying for any of it, I don't really have any concrete expectations, even though I know the pictures will be (and maternity photos were/are) awesome!

    Congrats on finding a photographer you like. I can't wait to see the pictures.