Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bumpdate - 33 Weeks

Guys...these are getting boring.

My pregnancy is boring.

So I've put together a bump...ollage.

Are you excited?

It's going to be bumptastic!

But you have to wait until the end.

Don't worry, this is short.

How far along:  33 weeks...even if baby is 2 weeks late, we are still in single digit weeks.  I've also been really really feeling like I've got a 41 weeker in here.  As we've discussed, this is fine with me as it gets us out of Leo territory, you just stay in there little VIRGO!

Weight Gain:  Up another pound, 19 lbs. total.

What's Up With My Body:  The last 2 days I've experienced a small amount of sciatic nerve pain running from my left butt cheek through my tailbone...but it's gone today.  This seems to be the way with ALL of my pregnancy symptoms, around for a day or two and then gone.  I've experienced a little bit of everything all in small doses EXCEPT CONSTIPATION OF COURSE, that was still my worst and most persistent pregnancy symptom to date.  But other than my 2 days of sciatica I'm feeling really good.

Gender: While hypnobabying this week there is a point in one of the CD's in which you're supposed to visualize your birth from a first person perspective, so you don't watch yourself give birth but visualize being inside your own body giving birth.  Guys, while "under hypnosis" I gave birth to a boy.  A BLONDE haired boy...which leads me to believe it was all a bunch of crap, because as we've discussed a blondie is nearly impossible for me unless my husband has hidden blonde genes...technically anything is possible, so maybe I really did imagine my baby...but it totally made me think I've got a little boy in there.

Emotions:  My emotions have actually calmed down a bit this week, we're even throwing a party this weekend AND construction is starting AND...I'm actually ok.  No meltdowns.


That's all I've got.

See, boring pregnancy.

And on to the bumptastic bumpollage.

Normally I wouldn't be one to put pictures of myself in my underwear up anywhere on the internet...or even a bikini...would never happen, but there's something about this pregnant belly that makes your body feel like it's not really YOUR body...and apparently that makes it ok.  Like it's ok because I'm just this walking incubator right now NOT a real person.  This is not my real stomach, these are not my real boobs, IT ALL BELONGS TO BABY.  Hahaha, anyone else feel like this?  I know some people feel terribly unattractive and fat while they're pregnant and I fully agree that in certain clothes I'm like UGH, am I really THAT wide?  But walking around in my underwear?  I feel really pretty and sexy and love my bump.  My thighs though?  Different story...notice I've cut them out of the piccie!  Still my same thighs, still hate them.

I think a lot of growth happened right around 30 weeks...remember when I was worried at 26 weeks about my bump not growing?  I'm so glad I documented my crazy...I find it entertaining now.  People still like to tell me my bump is small, but whatevs, I'll take the "little bump" as we're still measuring right on track.


  1. Love the bare belly! Look at that belly button! I feel the same, out of body experience for sure :), I love my big round pregnant body way more and think it's way cuter than my normal body. And you could easily have a blondie! Will be interesting to see if your dream comes true....I have had a few people tell me boy now too. And apparently you burn 20% more calories with boys than've got that right weight gain, you never know!

  2. Love the bump collage! Too funny - we are trying to avoid a Leo baby too, but for us it means he needs to come a week early ;)

  3. Yay bump-ollage!

    I also kind of feel like this isn't my body. There's a moment when I wake up in the morning when for some reason the position I'm lying in (almost every morning) makes me unaware of the size of my belly. And for a few moments I forget I'm pregnant. Then I move and the weight of the belly brings me back to reality. But it doesn't feel like MY body, it feels like I'm wearing a pregnant suit! Sometimes I feel like I'm "faking" it somehow, and that I could just easily take the belly off, and people would suddenly see that I'm not actually having babies... it's a weird feeling!!!

    This makes me wonder if I should take pictures of my bare belly now because so far I don't have stretch marks and who knows how long that will last!

  4. Looking good! I still cannot believe all these babies are getting so close to delivery!

  5. I was just thinking these exact same thoughts just the other night, re: this tummy not being my own right now. I was looking in the bathroom mirror, with my shirt up and rubbing my tummy. I could only think, that if I didn't actually feel my hands on my stomach, I wouldn't believe this was really me! Talk about strangeness going on with the body. But definitely loving it too, especially in some clothes more than others.

    I hope to have a leo baby. Then he'll be leo and dragon, just like me. And even if he is born a few days after his due date, he'll be virgo and dragon, just like his dad. In any case, I think we're going to have some headaches on our hands. Hah!

  6. Adorable bump!!! Soooooooo close!!! I think its a boy! but as soon as I wrote that my gut said girl! so Girl is my new guess!

  7. Love the collage! My guess for you is a girl! :)

  8. Love the collage! Wanna swap bumps for a day? I'll take your "small" 33-weeks-bump and you get my "gigantic" 23-week-bump ;-)
    Here's to another couple of "boring" weeks!

  9. Looking good babes and loving the outie!

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  11. I love your bump pictures!!! I hope I look that good when i'm preggo! :)

  12. Looking amazing as usual! I feel pretty too, but only the bump. I love the bump! But...not loving my tree stump legs!

  13. You're just belly and no weight gain anywhere else. :) I'm loving my bump too, but not the rub between my thighs when I'm walking outside in the summer heat. :P

  14. Aww! I love your collage pix. And I can totally relate to feeling like there's something about the bump that makes it not-quite-your-body. I haven't worn a bikini since I was about 15 years old, but I kind of want to wear one now - I love my little bump!