Friday, June 8, 2012

Nursery, Nursery, Nursery

When I wrote yesterday about feeling stalled on the blogging front a bunch of you expressed interest in hearing about my nursery.  Well, I wrote this post back in March just after our 18 week ultrasound.  I have no idea why I didn't post it then but I'm gonna go ahead and post it in it's entirety now because it's amusing and then I'll add a bit more at the end so you can all be up to speed on my nursery!

You all know I've had trouble with the nursery.

Trouble even saying the word nursery not DECORATING the nursery!

Decorating a nursery has been really really REALLY far from my mind.

So I've pretty much just ignored it.

BUT, that damn ultrasound kind of pushed us into action.

Instead of seeing a baby with no heartbeat (oh yes that's totally what I was imagining) we saw a little wiggler, heart pumping away...and it made me realize maybe we're actually having a baby in August!

I must say the growing belly helps immensely with the acceptance.  As it grows and makes certain activities more uncomfortable I'm forced to accept not only that we may be having a baby but that I may need to prepare for it.

So, we finally stepped foot in the nursery (that's right we don't actually go in there) and decided on a few things.

First thing we decided on? (Ok, fought about in a pregnancy induced hormonal outburst) is that the room we had designated for the nursery was not gonna cut it and that we needed to switch the guest room with the nursery.

The guest room is the best room of the house, it faces away from the street toward the garden, light pours in most of the day, it's a nice shape and the closet is actually a closet.

Our nursery (former nursery now) was rather dark with the only window on the side of the house that has a neighbor's house right next to it, it's kind of an oblong, long shape rather than square, and the closet is full of shelves, perfect for storing boxes and organizing but not so much for hanging baby clothes and baby things.

So we switched the rooms.

And I realized this might have been a huge reason why I was so hesitant to do anything with the nursery...I think I hated the room that we had designated as the nursery.

I'm much happier with the new arrangement.  I think the former nursery works MUCH better as a guest room and the former guest rooms works much better as a nursery.

So, now that furniture has been moved around we now have to decide on a nursery theme and pick out a damn crib.

Since we don't know the sex I'm thinking gray for the walls.

And then I googled.

Oh, how I hate google!

I googled gender neutral nurseries and guess what?

There are a million BEAUTIFUL nurseries and I am officially so overwhelmed that I'm back to being paralyzed.


But then I stumbled upon this:

And remembered that I have this tucked away in a closet waiting for a baby:

And voila!


Gender neutral, goes well with gray...perfect!

It also represents Australia a bit for us, since that's actually where we began our journey and of course where I bought the baby koala and also where I got the PCOS diagnosis and where we learned that baby making wasn't going to be easy.

It's fitting somehow.  Brings it all full circle.

So, while I reserve the right to change my mind at any time for now I have settled on koala as my nursery theme!

And now almost 3 months later I've kept the koala theme, started painting my walls, bought a crib, bought that cute koala decal above and...well that's it so far.

So, the crib and wall color looks like this:

I love my crib by the way, I think it's BEAUTIFUL.   It's also fully convertible to a toddler bed and then into a twin size bed as well.  WELL WORTH THE MONEY I SPENT ON IT.

The koala decal will go above my crib just like it is in the piccie.

I'm not done with the rest of the room, so that's all you get so far!

Another quick note on cribs, I felt like such an idiot when my crib arrived.  Like the biggest baby dummy EVER.  I did not know that the crib did not come with a mattress.  YES, I EXPECTED THE CRIB TO COME WITH A MATTRESS.

And then, after I did my research and bought a mattress I discovered YOU NEED A MATTRESS PAD.  Seriously?  WTF?  WHY CAN'T IT ALL COME TOGETHER?  

THEN I discovered I need a crib BUMPER!!!!  Really?  Did you guys buy crib bumpers?  As you can see I don't have one yet.  It's just one thing after another!

So, yeah, baby dummy over here...I know nothing about baby things (don't even get me started about how I had no idea what a pack 'n play was, not buying one of those unless I need it after baby is born btw).  My husband kept turning to me while we were building the crib asking me all these questions about mattresses and cribs and I'm like I'VE NEVER HAD A BABY!  WHY ARE YOU ASKING ME?  Does being female mean I know cribs don't come with mattresses???

And that my friends is where we are with our nursery currently...I will do a finished post...when it's finished, I'm thinking that might not be for another 10 weeks!


  1. YAY!! I love seeing nursery's come together :) The koala theme is really cute. I can't wait to see more.

  2. Looking cute. Look into bumpers though, before you spend the money. A lot of people advise against them now.

  3. I love the nursery theme! Very cute!

  4. love it, totally adorable!

  5. LOVE the koala theme!! I also thought the crib came with a mattress... Regarding bumpers, most things recommend against them now but there are mesh bumpers that are available that are breathable. I don’t know what we’ll do yet!

  6. Cute! I can't wait to see it all finished!!! As for bumpers, we are skipping them for now and if we decide later that we absolutely need them, we are doing breathable (sorta like netting to keep arms and legs inside!) bumpers. There are lots of opinions on the topic, and for me they just seem like another thing for me to worry about!!!

  7. Aww! I am so proud of you!! and I love it! Koala's are adorable! I will be on the Koala look out on pinterest! :)

  8. Aw, a koala theme is adorable! Love the grey. Most of my house is grey!
    I think we're getting a mesh bumper. It allows for more air flow.

  9. I love gray nurseries! They seem so serene. That koala decal is adorable!!

  10. I love the Koala theme, so meaningful and so darn cute! Thanks for sharing!!

  11. I love the koala theme!! So awesome. Hilarious about the crib and then the mattress and then the mattress is endless!! I can't wait to see the finished nursery!

  12. Cute! Love koalas (and all things aussie). Do you "know" moinoz.blogspot? She photographed her baby every week on that same Koala and posted the photos on her blog. Very cute way to watch the little one grow.
    And if you are planning to travel with the bub, a pack-n-play will be a must have. Also works well as a bassinet next to your bed when the baby is brand new.
    Of course, this is coming from someone whose 3rd child had no crib for the first year and slept in the pack-n-play every night!

  13. Great nursery! And LOVE LOVE LOVE the crib. I mentioned before that I bought my crib 2 years ago. I was way into dark wood I love light furniture and want a light crib! (Not happening obviously!). It looks great, can't wait to see the final picture. By the way - your ticker says 66 days!!! Holy shit it is flying by!!!

  14. Bumpers are advised against..
    You don't really need a mattress pad either. Just something else to wash when they spit up.

  15. I stumbled across your blog and am also doing a koala theme in my nursery. I have a few ideas where to pick up other koala items if you're interested. I bought a set of 3 decals like the one you posted off Etsy and LOVE them! The room is looking great so far!