Tuesday, June 19, 2012

It's All in the Hips

"Oh pregnancy is so easy!" Isn't that the general attitude I've been splashing all over my blog?

Well, joke's on me...cause I completely fucked up my hip.

I didn't even DO anything to it, I just...did too much one day.

I've mentioned we're doing some house projects before baby comes, A LOT of house projects.

One of them involved patching, texturing and painting 5 different holes in 5 different walls in 5 different paint colors.

You can see why we've been putting that off...getting 5 different colors of paint out is a pain in the ass.

Anyway, we finally started the damn project and I spent all day going up and down stairs, up and down a step ladder, squatting and moving and just generally "busy" doing one thing or another.

I rested when I felt tired, at no point did anything hurt, but obviously I hurt something because at 3am OMG, I thought I was going to die.

I got up to pee and as soon as I stood up pain shot out from my right hip in EVERY DIRECTION so that my entire middle from mid-thigh to belly button was screaming in pain.

And then I had a Braxton Hicks contraction.

So that I was under the illusion that my uterus hurt as well.

ODDLY ENOUGH I did not think I was in labor, BUT I decided right then and there that if labor hurt THAT MUCH I was not going to make it through the ordeal au naturale.

I'm really dramatic at 3am.

When I got back in bed the pain went away if I stayed in one position but anytime I tried to move, sharp shooting pains from my hip had me almost in tears.

I was convinced I had somehow dislocated my pelvis or my hip...except surely that would require an "incident" in which you knew you dislocated said pelvis right?

Yesterday the pain continued whenever I moved, walking was especially painful.

Pregnancy is no longer easy.

As the pain dissipates I can tell you now that I seem to have strained/pulled my ligaments that hold my uterus up.  You guys know how round ligament pain hurt like a bitch sometimes?  Well, my round ligaments, both front and back are UPSET and holy shit they hurt!  

I can't put on underwear without help.

Pregnancy is awesome.

32 Weeks and Loving.  Every.  Minute.


  1. Oh Jesica that sucks so bad! I had a weird hip thing once where I swear my left leg was an inch shorter than my right causing me to walk with a limp for a week! I LOVE that you are 32 weeks! you are so damn close!!

  2. Are you sure that's not sciatica? (http://www.babyzone.com/pregnancy/pregnancy-complications/pregnancy-related-sciatica_71152) Because then it would just be another wonderful pregnancy symptom and not a hip injury!


    1. No, it's not sciatica, it's not down the back, and no it's not a hip injury either, it just feels like that. It's essentially RLP, except I think I actually strained or pulled the round ligament a bit farther than it wanted to go, the pain starts in the hip and runs forward underneath my uterus. Definitely not a normal pregnancy symptom! Luckily it's already on the mend but I hate how you can injure yourself so easily while pregnant!

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  4. Ouch! I'm sorry about the pain and I hope it goes away soon! Take it easy ;)

  5. Dear "our journey" - you're hillarious. I laughed out Loud. And dear jes booooo pain

  6. It amazes me how similiar our pregnancies are becoming! I totally did something to my right hip at one point, and same thing.. I was brought to tears, it hurt so bad! I had to hold onto counters, the couch, anything I could hold onto to help me limp along because the pain was so bad. They told me to take Tylenol and rest.. it went away after about a week.. but it was brutal! Sorry it happened to you too!

  7. Grrrr...the pain sounds awful! The end is SO SO hard- and I didn't even make it past 35 weeks- hahaha! Hang in there and RELAX!!! The baby is going to keep you on your toes real soon! :)

  8. I had the same thing when I was pregnant. It was very painful. I went to see a chiropractor who specializes in working with pregnant women. She explained that my hips were expanding unevenly (which is very common) I did some physical therapy and it made the world of difference.

    Lay on your back and take a belt or a stretching band and use it to stretch your leg (on the side with the hip pain) to the side and forward. Do this a few times a day, every day.
    Also the P.E. kneaded my upper thigh of the leg with hip pain. They used a "nubby" rolling pin. You could use a rolling pin or something similar. You will need your husband to help with this one.

    The chiro also did some safe adjustments; one of them was releasing the muscles in the sacrum area.

    between all these things I was pain free within a couple of days.

    good luck!

  9. I don't have any advice for you, but I'm glad you posted this. It serves as a good reminder that we actually should take people up on their offers for help...even if it means we feel a little helpless at times.

  10. oh the hips! i hear you! mine have been bad for a while - just when I sleep at night. my chiro is my best friend. i have also found a hot bath works wonders for relaxing my muscles. snort, this pregnancy thing is easy. i handed back my rose coloured glasses a while ago!

  11. Oh no! So sorry to hear about this excruciating pain, but also glad to hear it is healing already. Rest and gentle movement (no ladders!) sounds like the plan of action and maybe a chiropractor if you go to one.

  12. Ssshhh!!! I am enjoying the easy going, perfect pregnancy where I can do anything!!! Don't take this away from me!! :). Sorry your hurt your hip, I would hit up a masseuse or chiro or accupuncturist and see if they can't help ease the pain up a little quicker.