Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Bumpdate - 32 Weeks

Only 8 weeks to go...just 2 more months...and I'm officially 8 months pregnant.

This has been a super boring week other than my hip...

How far along: 32 Weeks

Weight Gain:  Up a pound!  That makes 18 lbs total and we've hit 140 baby!  Definitely the most I've ever weighed, I know I hung out in the 130's at one point in my life but I've never weighed 140.

Food: I'm not hungry.  I have officially entered a period in which I have to force myself to eat.  I make sure to have breakfast, lunch and dinner and I TRY to have 2 snacks during the day...but I'm not always successful.  What can I say?  I think baby has squished everything and...I'm not hungry.  I never really experienced The Hunger in which I just wanted to eat and eat and eat...and that sucks because I LOVE eating!  I was honestly looking forward to all the eating.  There were moments in the first tri that I was hungrier than normal...but it was short lived.  Boo!

Maternity Clothes:  My beef with maternity clothes lives on.  Specifically Old Navy Maternity.  I've started to grow out of a few of my staple dresses, some non-maternity ones and I'm down to like 4 that I can still wear.  So I decided to give Old Navy Maternity a shot again, convinced that at 30 some odd weeks I would DEFINITELY be big enough even for the tent like maternity clothes of Old Navy Maternity...oh how wrong I was.  STILL TOO BIG.  But Old Navy has redeemed itself by continuing to have amazing NON maternity wear that fits great.  I swear as long as it's empire waisted Old Navy dresses will fit me to the end.  ALSO they have some pretty great NON maternity tank tops out now, called The Perfect Tank...super long and super slimming.  Loving Old Navy through this pregnancy...just not the maternity wear.

What's Up with My Body:  My hip/ligaments still hurt...but it's definitely getting better.  Unfortunately we have our group prenatal appt here at our house on Thursday (yes tomorrow!) and thus I can't just sit around on the couch all day letting my ligaments heal, I have to clean up the mess that we started on Sunday and which created the injury in the first place.  Oddly it now hurts more if I sit for too long anyway and to be up walking around is actually more comfortable than sitting. Have I mentioned how fucking brilliant we are for doing a million projects in the last 10 weeks of pregnancy???

Other than the hip I'm still generally comfortable.  No swelling, no constipation, no heartburn, still not feeling huge.  When I'm not injured turning over at night is still pretty simple.  Peeing at night even seems to be slowing down!  I was only up twice last night!!!  So, honestly I don't have much to complain about as I know a lot of others start to get super uncomfortable around now and I'll shut up about my hip because I know others have it way worse.

At my last prenatal appt, which was almost 2 weeks ago we found out that baby is head down!  Whoop whoop!  Baby seems to have stayed in the same position as my midwife showed me how to feel baby and it's the butt that stays up by my ribs (I thought it was the head) and baby's smooth flat back running along my tummy.  OPTIMAL birthing position...STAY PUT BABY!  I'm hoping baby runs out of room to flip soon and will just continue to hang out head down with it's back to my front.  This is called Occipital Anterior for anyone who cares!

Movement:  Baby movements are not kicks and punches anymore, they are stretches and pushes and it's gotta be hurts!  Baby is ALL OVER the place in there and I seriously feel like I have an alien ready to push it's way out through my belly button sometimes!  I can't believe how strong some of the movements are, it takes my breathe away!

Emotions:  Hahahaha!  Hormones suck.  I cried twice before noon yesterday.  And tears threatened several more times before the day was over.  What am I crying about?  God knows...I don't know.  I can cry about anything basically.  I almost cried at the paint counter at Home Depot because they couldn't match a color for me.'s awesome.  Honestly I'm overwhelmed because again...we're fucking brilliant doing all this shit to the house at the end of the pregnancy.  I hate the house being a mess like it is and I just can't believe that no matter how many people tell you the pregnancy flies by...first timers never listen and wait til the last minute to do everything.  Stupid, stupid first timers.

What I'm Looking Forward To: Homebirth Childbirth Class!  We had our first one on Monday and I LOVE IT.  I'm actually excited that this is what we'll be doing for the next 5 Mondays, makes me feel WAY more prepared to breeeeeeathe my way though childbirth.


Old Navy NON maternity dress.


  1. I teared up today at Jimmy John's when the guy working wouldn't give me a large cup for water. He seriously gave me like one of those cups you use to rinse your mouth after brushing your teeth. I asked for a bigger cup and he said well then I'll have to charge you for a soda. What?!? I don't mind paying for the cup - but really - charging me for a soda?!?!? I said to him - you're seriously going to make me walk back and forth to fill up this dinky cup at 8 months pregnant when it is 95 degrees outside?!?! He said, "Yup". So I took 4 of the teeny water cups and stormed off. When I got to my table I was literally tearing up. Damn emotions!

    Good news is - we're getting closer! :)

  2. You still look terrific, and i am so glad to hear that your pregnancy is relatively uneventful at this point, I am hoping for the same! I haven't even tried any old navy maternity as in the past I have found even their non-maternity stuff to behuge....but you seem to have lots of cute stuff from there, and obviously I am bigger now, so I will have to stop in one day and give it a try!
    I am super jealous of your homebirth....if I have an uneventful pregnancy next go-round I definitely want to do it! I can't wait to read about it! I hear you on the get things ready though....I keep putting it off until viability, but I guess I'd better get on it after that or I will be in your exact position! Thanks for the heads up!

  3. OMG! I cant believe 8 weeks!!! So exciting! You do look fabtastic! Pregnancy suits you!

  4. You're lucky it's easy to turn over! Turning over in bed is such an ordeal, and often involves some yoga stretching for my hips and legs that are sore from not moving. Maybe you just won't get huge! That would be great, right? Especially in the summer :) :)

  5. Don't stop sharing how wonderful and relatively easy this pregnancy has been for you! I think there needs to be more experiences out there showing that not all pregnancies are fraught with hardships and horrible events. Like you, my pregnancy is progressing along just peachy and I'm totally thrilled! While I never hoped or expected problems, I'm ecstatic that there hasn't been any issues.

    Last night was the first night my hips bothered me so much that I did have a hard time fully sleeping. I was also out and about walking around quite a bit yesterday. I'm thinking there might be a correlation. :)

    Yay for 8 more weeks! This is getting so exciting towards the end.

  6. The last weeks go by faster than the beginning ones.. baby will be here before you know it! Aren't the stretches so weird feeling?? Can you see Baby B push his/her little butt out yet? I loved rubbing that spot and poking at Austin's limbs when he stuck them out.. its so fun when they respond and draw their limbs back in! :-)

  7. You look AHHHHH-MAZING!
    I hope I look that great during week 32.

    I love your bump updates and I am so excited to start them once the First Trimester comes to an end!!!

    I'm so excited for you, I can't even stand it!!!


  8. You look adorable!

    It's so nice to hear about another pregnant woman who isn't hungry! lol I, too, was expecting that ravenous HUNGER that so many of my friends spoke about - but nope - most days I have to remind myself to eat (trust me, this isn't exactly the norm for me either). At 24 weeks, I've gained 10 lbs. and feel full and even uncomfortable after a small meal. How do all those skinny women put on 40-60 lbs?!?!?