Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cat Birthdays Yay or Nay

Excuse me while I veer away from my normal blogging subjects and pose a question to my lovely readers.

It's a ridiculous question I might add.

But I'm curious nonetheless.

Do you celebrate your animal's birthday?

I never have. I kind of always thought it was silly.

I mean, it's a cat, he doesn't know it's his birthday.

Besides, I never knew my cat's birthday. And I don't know our new kitties birthdays.

But then, for some reason, we decided one of our cat's should have Dom's dad's (who has passed) birthday.

I know, how random. What kind of a conversation was that? How did Dom's dad and our cat end up in the same conversation.

I don't know.

But I do know that we decided one cat has Dom's dad's birthday as his birthday now.

Then we were like well shit, now we need a birthday for the other cat. And since the other cat is about a month, month in a half younger we decided, hey! Thanksgiving! His birthday can be Thanksgiving!

So, guess what, we gave our cat's birthdays and we will not be with either of them for their birthdays.

What kind of shit parents are we?

We had trips planned, planned for awhile, and yet we still decided to give the cat's birthdays on day's where we are away.


Anyway, back to my original question, DO YOU GUYS HAVE/CELEBRATE CAT/DOG BIRTHDAYS?


  1. haha! You crack me up! We celebrate.. well, I celebrate, Neal not so much.. we had Henry's papers so we knew his bday and Olive we got from neighbors when Amanda and I lived in John's Landing, so we knew her bday too.. usually they just get a can of wet food to 'celebrate' since that is a treat to them.

  2. We celebrate Trooper's birthday because we have papers that tell us when it is. Nick gets really excited about it and tells Trooper 1000 times on the day and 1000 times the day before that it is is birthday and he parades him around and makes him feel special and buys him a new toy and plays with him and extra amount. He insists that we don't do anything that Trooper might not like on his birthday - like clipping nails, putting on frontline, giving him a bath, etc. Nick is much better at it than I am - but anyway, yes, we do celebrate.

  3. LOL, I celebrate my estimated birthdays and adoption days for my dogs, and by celebrate I mean they get to go to dog daycare (like basically every other day) and get a big bone. But as a child I legit had dog birthday parties where all my neighbors brought their dogs over and we ate cake. Haha!

  4. We always note Reilly's birthday and the day we brought him home. (Reilly is a Welsh Cardigan Corgi.) One year we gave him steak bones, but that turned out to be an epic disaster. So now we just give him extra treats and he probably thinks we're suckers. Which we are.

  5. We have absolutely no clue when our dog's birthday is because we adopted her, but someone somewhere said it was on Halloween. We didn't celebrate last year, but I think it's fun to have a date in mind!