Wednesday, September 7, 2011

3 Follicles

Originally wrote May 26, 2011.

It is Day 15 of my cycle and I have not had an LH surge. This is depressing for me. It means I haven't ovulated yet.

So, trip to the Dr. and an ultrasound to confirm what I already know...I haven't ovulated.

BUT, and it's a very big BUT...I'm wrong, very wrong and have 3 mature follicles ready to pop!

I should ovulate in the next few days, SHOULD being the operative word.

The Dr. was very very positive that I would ovulate, in fact he said you WILL ovulate, not you most likely will or you probably will, but you WILL.

He also offered to give me a trigger shot, and if you're unfamiliar with the land of infertility it's just a shot that makes your mature follicles pop out. But since I have 3 ready to pop that means I would be ovulating 3 eggs and thus the chance for all 3 to fertilize.

Not a good thing or anything to strive for in my opinion, triplets are not in the cards for me.

So, no trigger shot, just more waiting to ovulate. And hopefully my body will sort out that only ONE needs to pop out...not all 3.

But I'm so excited about it!!!

For most of you folks you ovulate every month without ever having to do anything and you have a 20-25% chance to conceive each and every cycle. Me, I may have ovulated no more than 2 times over the last year, possibly not at all. So, just the fact that I'm ovulating and KNOW i'm ovulating gives me SO much hope. I officially have the same 20-25% chance to conceive this cycle JUST LIKE EVERY ONE ELSE.


I was only on 50mg of Clomid, which means my ovaries just needed a little push.

Also a complete relief. I was scared I was going to have stubborn ovaries.

Which means if there's no pregnancy this cycle I will be dropped DOWN to only 25mg of Clomid for the next cycle, because less is better in this instance, 3 eggs is more than they actually want in this situation, since all we're trying to do here is make my cycles like everyone else's!

BUT that means another cycle where I may or may not ovulate. The waiting to ovulate sucks people, it sucks.

Wrote today September 7, 2011.

This was honestly more exciting for me than the eventual pregnancy because it meant things were WORKING, I can't even describe how amazing it was to feel just like most of you feel EVERY MONTH.

I suddenly had hope that I had more options than IVF and adoption because this $20 pill was actually working. The real fear over the last year really was that all the treatment options wouldn't work. It was scary to begin the road through the infertility treatments because once you start there's no going back, there's no thinking, "oh but we can see if this works in the future" because you'll have tried whatever "this" is and KNOW it doesn't work. Slowly dwindling down your options until eventually you're left with IVF or adoption...that's scary!

But option #1 was working...and I was happy.


  1. yeah!! I love reading these posts about your journey!

  2. thanks for posting all this. i have so many friends struggling with fertility right now that it's helpful to read about what they may be going through. hope you're feeling well!