Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Giada's dress

Does everyone watch the Today show?

Giada's dress this morning was BEAUTIFUL and I want it.

Here's my terrible screen grab picture.

And here's a link if you want to see a much better picture of it.

How can I find out the designer of this dress?

I NEED it!

Someone help me please!


  1. I saw it, too! So cute!

    I don't know the designer of the dress, but Giada's husband (Todd) does/used to work for Anthropologie. Weird, huh? My husband would rather cut off his left foot than have *anything* to do with clothes. Also, DON from Day Old News blog could probably tell you right away who the designer is. Hope this helps! :)


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  3. i saw giada yesterday and loved her dress too! i always assume most of what she wears in that style is anthro because of her husband.

  4. Love her dress. It's probably by anthropologie because of her husband. I remember her saying 80% of her clothing is from there.