Monday, August 29, 2011

Eating, Eating and More Eating

I can't seem to stop eating.

And when I'm not eating I'm thinking about eating.

What's my next meal going to be? When is my next meal going to be? What can I eat as a snack before I eat my next meal? Is it ridiculous to eat dinner at 5pm?

If I keep eating like this I am going to get FAT.

And not cute pregnant fat.

FAT fat.

I have no nausea and no food aversions (hate me if you want, I know 80% of women have morning sickness and I'm in the minority) and thus nothing seems to be off limits in my quest for food either.

Whoever said your pregnancy will be similar to your mothers and other women in your family is full of shit. My mother was sick for 9 months through 3 pregnancies and my sister said those first 3 months of morning sickness were hell.

I strive to be different in life. Even with my pregnancy.

I'm at least trying to eat semi-healthy.

I'm craving fruit and eating fruit more than normal. I'm actually normally allergic to fruit and I'm only allowed small quantities at a time. My allergy has not bothered me no matter how much fruit I eat through this pregnancy.

But I am also craving FAST FOOD.


I don't really eat fast food and yet I am desperate for some Taco Bell lately.

What's up with that baby?

What possible nutrients could you possibly need or want from Taco Bell?

The fruit I understand.

But Taco Bell? There's no Taco Bell anywhere close to me thank god, otherwise you just know I'd have to drive over there and indulge my craving.

Want to know what I ate yesterday?

Peanut Butter on Toast when I got up at 8am

1 hour later a bowl of Grape Nuts

2 hours later an egg salad sandwich

2 hours later a peach

1 hour later a hard boiled egg

1 hour later handful of grapes

and finally at 5pm I could stand it no longer, so I ordered a small pizza

ate 3 pieces

and 2 hours later another 2 pieces.

That's 8 times a day I'm eating, and that was a normal day, I've been doing that everyday for the last 2 weeks. Looking at my list, like I said at least it's pretty healthy eating...except the pizza, but my husband is gone again and I HATE cooking for one person and I have no leftovers.

Does this happen for the whole 9 months?

I also seem to go from feeling perfectly content ie not hungry at all to downright starving in approx 2.3 seconds. If I wait too long to start dinner I have to snack on something while I'm cooking because I just CANNOT wait for 20 minutes for dinner to be done.

And because of all of this eating I am bloated. I know I need to avoid carbs like nobody's business because all they do is make me uncomfortable but So, what I'm going to pretend is my baby bump is actually just some bloat along with some extra chub that I'm hoping will one day soon "pop" into a bump.

My husband is in danger of getting fat if he tries to eat when I eat. He keeps turning down my kind offers of food and telling me to leave him alone and quit offering him food so he doesn't get fat along with me.

Other preggos or mamas, were you hungry for 9 months straight? All the other preggy ladies I know are hating food and struggling to keep things down.

Now please excuse me...all this talking about eating is making me hungry and I have to go eat some nachos.


  1. I ended up eating 5 small meals a day (which is healthier anyway). It is a really great way to pack in some really good food without overeating.

    I have heard that how your pregnancy goes has a lot to do with you and the guy together. Like, my neighbor had 5 kids, 3 with one dude and 2 with another. In the first one, she had 2 girls and a boy, was sick sick sick, couldn't stop eating and had all the kids late. With dude # 2, she was never sick, had 1 boy and 1 girl and had both of them early. I don't think it is based on your mother at all. My mom "never got sick or felt different" - I was sick for 10 weeks straight. Barf. Then I was sore, then I was uncomfortable and on and on - pregnancy agreed with my mom so well she had 4, I hate pregnancy so much I may only have 1. Selfish, I know - but I have despised the process.

    I didn't ever crave anything perse - but things I loved that I would NEVER eat under normal circumstances included - KFC mashed potatoes, Taco Bell bean and cheese burrito, McDonalds Cheeseburgers and fries - are you kidding me? Fast food is SICK and I NEVER eat it - but I did...and it was delish!

    Good luck with the food!!

  2. I can't relate to this at all, but it made me laugh. At least you are eating some good stuff. And I mean, really, who can pass up pizza. But for the love, do NOT eat the Taco Bell. ;)

  3. well, you know my story... I'm not sick (and never was sick) but am having a hard time eating... but in the first 12 weeks I didn't have trouble at all! And I craved exactly what you are craving.. cheesy stuff, nachos, fruit and I went to Taco Bell at least 3 times a week. Keep up the eating though, because you might end up going thru a food slump like I am and not want to eat at all! I was also the same in the beginning where I'd get really hungry immediately and would have to eat NOW. So that meant a lot of fast food, pizza, Hot Pockets, nachos.. apparently baby likes something in them!! xo

  4. As hard as it is to believe, you might be needing more calories?? I know I was FAMISHED my entire pregnancy. I could not stop eating. specifically fruit (grapes! frozen mangos! watermelon!) and meat (the bloodier the better - i wanted tar tar and raw oysters!!!). The greasy & cheesy foods might be a calcium/fat thing? Fat is instant energy as far as the digestive process goes, and the body is working hard to make and grow a healthy baby, so that makes some sense, and calcium is needed for making strong bones...

    Also, Taco Bell just tastes good. Even if the beef taco is classified as a 'real meat product'

  5. i just started following {thank you for following me} congrats on your pregnancy! it's an AMAZING journey. with my girlie being just over 2 months i was in love iwth being pregnant, i cant wait {i will wait} but again can't wait to be preggo again hoping it goes as amazingly smooth as it did for me with #1. i ate ALL OF THE TIME... and it was a mix of EVERYTHING! its amazing that as soon as... and i mean as soon as you have that baby {well at least for me} that goes away like that! also in the 9th month {again for me} i was hungry but never knew what i wanted EVER... and when i did figure out what i wanted i had enough room for like ONE bite! haha, well anyway i look forward to reading all about your journey to baby- its a fun one and live it up until baby gets here, life slows down just a tad once baby arrives ;)