Thursday, August 4, 2011

Dining Room Dilemma

For the first time ever I have a proper dining room.

And I'm having a bit of trouble with the decorating.

You see there's this big wall on one side.

With nothing.

Just a wall.

Originally I thought ooh, I could put floor to ceiling bookshelves across the whole wall!

But I have floor to ceiling bookshelves on either side of my fireplace in the next room.

I think that might be a bit of overkill on the bookshelves.

And honestly books don't really go in the dining room, do they?

So then we decided a large buffet/hutch type thing would be pretty with a display on top and cupboards on the bottom.

But I don't have china or anything else I really want to "display" in a dining room.

So now we've moved on to just a buffet, a long one that stretches almost the whole length of the room with some sort of artwork or giant mirror above it.

But for the life of me I CANNOT MAKE A DECISION.

Here's the room as it is now:

The armoir does not live there, it's just resting there momentarily while we figure out exactly where another piece of furniture that's in the armoir's spot is going to live. Nor do any of the other weird things lying against the armoir, this has been sort of the holding area while we figure out where everything lives since WHO USES A DINING ROOM?! And sorry about the weird coloring, the 2nd picture is most accurate with the actual color of the room, it's definitely orange, not yellow.

Anyway, what does everyone think?

Large wall unit like this?

or something more like this (but longer to fill more of the wall) with aforementioned mirror or artwork above to fill up the wall space?

What does everyone think?


  1. My favorite look is the buffet with a big mirror above it. I would choose a really modern mirror (maybe black with some detail on the frame) or a baroque style frame. I also like the big wall unit, but since you have the big bookshelves in the living room, it would be a much different look with the mirror arrangement. :)

  2. I think I like the larger unit the best

  3. I like the large installed wall unit.. that is my dream home idea for a dining room.. you'll have to host Thanksgiving at your house and make your family come down so you can use that sucker!