Thursday, April 7, 2011

Itchy Feet

Remember back in December when I said I wanted to sit still for awhile and not travel?

Well, it's April and I have not been on a plane since Jan. 17.

I think that's a record for me in the last 2 years of some kind.

Let's do a little rundown shall we? I'd like you all to get a real feel for the actual amount of travel I'm talking about.

Starting with December of 2008, which up until that point I traveled 3 times, maybe 4 times a year, mostly to come home to Oregon for holidays.

Here we go!

We are living in NYC at this point:

Hawaii - Dec 08
UK - Jan 09
Mexico - March 09
UK - May 09
San Fran - June 09
Bahamas - July 09
Pennsylvania - Aug 09
Oregon - Aug 09
UK - Sep 09
Paris - Sep 09
Barcelona - Sep 09
Egypt - Sep 09
Italy - Sep 09
Oregon - Nov 09
UK - Nov 09
Germany - Nov 09
Oregon - Dec 09
California - Jan 10
Montreal - Feb 10
Trinidad - Feb 10
UK - April 10
Greece - April 10
Tennessee - April 10
Australia - May 10
Dallas - May 10
Oregon - June 10
Australia - June 10 - Moved to Australia!
Singapore - July 10
Queensland - Aug 10
Oregon - Sep 10
California - Sep 10
NYC - Sep 10
NYC - Nov 10
Jamaica - Nov 10
Ayres Rock - Nov 10
Melbourne/Adelaide - Dec 10
And Back to the USA Jan 11

Disgusting, no?

See why I'm sick of traveling?

Ok, I mean see why I WAS sick of traveling?

Because if you haven't guessed from the title of this post, I'm ready to go again,

Insert my sheepish grin here.

In all honesty after the last year and a half and the let's count them....37 plane rides, I really really thought I would like to sit still for a year (not including flying to San Fran to get to our home, that doesn't count).

But here we are, just 3 months in and I'm seriously contemplating a trip to Italy this summer.

Come on, I'm turning 30! Wouldn't a trip to Italy be just the perfect way to celebrate the dreaded 3-0?

I also am DYING to get back over to NYC to see all of my friends...and to go shopping.

Unfortunately the last time we were in Italy I promised myself I would learn Italian by the next time we made it over there, thinking of course that it would be a few years and that was PLENTY of time to learn Italian. Turns out a year and a half later I barely have the vocabulary to ask where the toilet is...shit. Learning Italian is also on my 30 before 30 list (which is still a 13 before 30 list at this point), what more motivation do I NEED?!

Apparently more than that because here I am on my computer NOT learning Italian...again.

Anyone else feeling the travel bug?

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