Friday, April 8, 2011

Tiny Feet

I think my feet are shrinking y'all. (Clarification, I'm not Southern and thus don't actually say y'all...ever...but if felt appropriate so I went with it.)


I wear a 6.5 usually, every once in awhile in certain shoes I have to wear a 7, NEVER do I ever have to go DOWN to a 6.

Until now.

Twice in 2 days 6.5's in two different shoe brands were too f***ing big.

And not just a little big.

A LOT big.

So I bought a 6.

And they fit perfect.


AND even more strange, at one point in my life, 7th grade I believe, I wore a size 7.5.

Shrinking feet much?

Seriously, has this ever happened to anyone else?

Are they like boobs that shrink when you lose weight? ;-)


  1. Mine have shrunk too! maybe shoes are just bigger now?? I used to be a 9, all the time.. then a 8.5 in colllege, now a lot of 8.5's are too big and I have to go down to an 8. I don't mind the shrinking feet but the boobs should stay!

  2. no one wants to have to go up a size - means you gained weight, so I think designers changed the labels to keep people shopping! i'm seriously convinced designers/clothes makers are simply putting smaller labels on bigger sizes. Brands I used to be able to wear I can no longer wear because the xs/s is closer to a medium, and I'm the same size. Also... I used to be a 9.5, now all the shoes I buy are 8.5s and maybe, MAYBE a 9 - AND the size 9.5s I already had still fit.

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  4. Ha ha! Well, what a good problem to have! :)