Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Oh Spring, where for art thou?

I know I said I was enjoying a bit of cold weather and rain before spring arrived, but after too too much nonstop rain I've changed my mind.

I'm ready for Spring.

So ready in fact that I've bought several items for Spring that are unusable in Oregon's current state of wet. And so ready that I'm capitalizing Spring unnecessarily.

Nevertheless in hopefully a few short weeks I will get a chance to use:

Tory (yes my purse has a name, doesn't yours?)

After I cleaned out my purse and discovered WAY too much crap I decided Marc (yes my old purse has a name too!) needed a break...enter Tory, she's beautiful, big and white and perfect for Spring!

These babies are waiting patiently for the rain to subside so they don't get ruined the first moment I step outdoors. I'm imagining them with a pair of fabulous shorts or skinny jeans.

I've been looking for a really good gray nail polish for awhile now and finally found this one at Sephora. It's part of some naughty ballerina set or something, an ode to Black Swan I believe. It's about to become my new spring gray.

Anyone else making spring purchases in anticipation of warmer weather?

1 comment:

  1. I LOVE that badge!!!! I want a white badge (haha, remember that word??) and those shoes are adorable! I never wear heels anymore... so I'll wear them vicariously through you!
    I haven't gotten anything for Spring yet.. I just haven't been in the mood... too much rain. Ugh.