Thursday, April 14, 2011

Blogger Award

I've received my first blogger award from the Coach's Wife over at The Fabulous Life of a Coach's Wife!

Not only are we bloggy friends but we are also IRL friends, so thank you Eubank!

Here are the rules for my award:

**Thank the person who gave you the award - Check!

**Link back to their Blog - Check!

**Tell 7 things about yourself:

Here we go!

1. If my life wasn't the way it is now (ever changing, ever moving) I would be a forensic anthropologist (just like BRENNAN on Bones, coincidentally also my married last name!) I almost almost almost ended up at the University of Tennessee Knoxville to study for my Masters in forensic anthropology where they have...wait for it...a BODY FARM!

2. I have made arrangements to have my body donated to the body farm upon my death.

3. I was the photo editor for my senior yearbook in high school. Being a part of Yearbook always gets such a bad wrap on movies/TV and it's run by a bunch of nerds, but Yearbook was my FAVORITE part of high school...and for the record I was NOT a nerd.

4. I still sleep with my baby blanket. I call it blanky...original I know.

5. I think the house that Dom is working to make entirely controlled by electronics is going to kill me a la X-Files style because all things electronic think I am the enemy.

6. I love Gone with the Wind and have seen it more times than I am willing to admit...and am totally gonna add one more to that because it just came out on Netflix.

7. If I only have myself to cook for I usually end up eating something carbtastic like pasta...or just have a bowl of cereal.

And now...last rule of the award...I have to pay it forward.

**Award to 7 Blogs you love....

Happy Thursday Everyone!


  1. you still have that blanket??? OMG! haha! And I still think you're weird for loving that body farm idea.. but love you anyways. :-) Since you are busy Saturday during the jewelry party.. wanna hang out Saturday night? Can I come see your Springtucky home??

  2. Awww! Thank you!!

    Love your list - especially the part about being a forensic anthropologist. That would be such an interesting career!

    Have you read Stiff by Mary Roach? I bet you would like it!

  3. Happy Easter!! Just found your blog! I'd love for you to follow me :)

    Congrats on your award!

    Monique xx