Thursday, July 15, 2010

Room With a View

Who knew such interesting things happen out on the harbor. I can honestly say when we decided on this place the only thing that entered my mind was how pretty the view was. I did not intend on having so much fun watching the boats all day. Dom, on the other hand, was uber excited about the boats, more so even than the view.

But, I am here most of the day and the boats have suddenly become interesting. There is such a plethora of different boats it's fun to see (I almost wrote that sea instead of see, haha) all the different shapes and sizes of boats out there!

The ferries are like clockwork, all day long, back and forth. And the "Sydney 2000" which will get it's own post one of these days as soon as we take a little ride on it. It's a dinner cruise ship and we've decided it's the busiest ship in the harbor because there's only one (all other routes have at least 3 ships that make the trips), and it's very distinct and easy to spot.

This is Sydney 2000, she looks different then all the other boats in the harbor, I think we're doing the cruise ship this weekend, I will let ya know how it goes.

Most interesting of all is the cruise ships and giant tankers. They are huge! Like massive, look bigger than Sydney huge, they take up THE ENTIRE VIEW when they're in the harbor, as in you can't see Sydney.

So, I've put together a little photo montage of the harbor, in all it's different stages of interestingness. In no particular order...enjoy.

Massive tanker.

Cruise ship just passing through.

Cruise ship at night. You can't even see the Opera House! Sorry it's blurry, it was night after all.

Cruise ship almost as tall as the space under the bridge!

It's also been quite fun, just to see how the view changes, with the time of day and the different weather, so of course we've documented the changes for your viewing pleasure.

View of Sydney at night, Dom being creative taking a pic with the wine glass in there as well.

Sunset. Yep, the harbor turns pink almost every evening.

Bats! Sorry it's blurry again, one day I will get a good pic of the bats that fly by each and every night when the sun goes down. They are creepy and big!

Double rainbow on a cloudy rainy day.

Sydney today, right now.


  1. Ah- what a beautiful view. I could sit there all day and never tire of it! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  2. flipping freaking amazing. end of story.

    however, i imagine you having to take a boat to get to your apt. show us the other side! lol.