Sunday, July 18, 2010

My Confession

I am not the neatest person in the world. My father just fell out of his chair laughing at that statement I'm sure. He spent 18 years trying to get me to clean my room...unsuccessfully. As I became an adult I was certain that one day that "cleaning" gene would kick in (my mother is ridiculously tidy, I was hoping that I would inherit that) like I was just a messy kid but when I had my own house I would definitely keep it clean. Turns out that's just not the case. At 28 I still can't keep my house clean for more than a day and have resigned myself to the fact that it's better for both Dom and me if we just hire a cleaner to come to the house once every two weeks rather than relying on me to clean. I'm not dirty messy, I don't leave dishes lying around the house and I keep the kitchen relatively clean. But I am...let's call it untidy. Case in point is the shoe issue.

All of my ex-roommates reading this will now fall out their chairs laughing as well because they know about the shoe issue.

I can't seem to keep my shoes in the closet or wherever they're "supposed" to be. In all of my old apartments they all somehow ended up under the coffee table, I guess that's where I like to take off my shoes. You could at any time count on there being at least 4 pairs of shoes under that coffee table. BUT...they were totally out of the way, no one tripped on them, they weren't in the middle of the floor.

Dom on the other hand liked to keep his shoes in the middle of the floor (along with this pants, but that's a whole other story). After I tripped over Dom's shoes repeatedly in the middle of the night and yelled at him not to put his shoes in the middle of the floor, Dom picked up the habit of putting them under the coffee table as well (good Dom =) and we'd end up with like 7 different pairs of shoes under the coffee table.

I found it quite amusing honestly. Sometimes when I'd get around to cleaning up the house I'd laugh out loud at the absurdness of having to make repeated trips with your arms full of shoes to the bedroom from the living room. All from under a coffee table. And it would also be really funny after I'd put shoes away and Dom would go to the coffee table to grab his shoes and then upon finding no shoes would be like "Where are my shoes?". LOL, like that's where they "should" be and he couldn't think of where else to look.

Unfortunately our coffee table in this apartment doesn't have the sort of space under it that our old coffee table does, and thus the shoes have nowhere to go and it looks like this:

That's totally ridiculous. But please notice that 4 out of 7 belong to Dom!

It's a curse and a blessing that Dom is not a neat and tidy person either. The good side is that he NEVER complains about the house being messy (or the shoes) and he doesn't care that I don't clean and we get a cleaning lady instead. The bad side is that....well that we end up with 7 pairs of shoes in the middle of the living room floor instead of just 4. What am I going to do when we have kids?

I guess I'll get the cleaning lady to come once a week instead of every two.


  1. adam and i are messier than both of you! trust me! it's terrible.

  2. You!?! Shoes under the coffee table!?! NEVER!!! ;)

  3. Okay, I have this same shoe problem. My problem, though, is that I put on a new pair in the closet, but then take them off in the living room when I get home. And if the ones I want aren't in the closet when I get dressed...then I grab a different pair. My husband, on the other hand, he's one of those people who has "house clothes," so the first thing he does when he gets home is go to the closet and change his clothes...then he makes fun of me when my wardrobe is strewn about the house. Luckily, he never complains either.

  4. I remember you coming home in college and putting your shoes ON the coffee table... then they migrated to under the coffee table a little while later. :-)