Sunday, July 11, 2010

Booktastic: The House of Mirth

So, I finished this book about a week ago, but just hadn't gotten around to writing something up about it. I read:

The House of Mirth by Edith Wharton

Honestly I didn't really like this book, it reminded me of Anna Karenina, which I also did not like. And not to give away the end of the book, and if you haven't read this book and want to then quit reading right now. Everyone gone who wants to be? Ok. She dies! The main character dies accidentally at the end of the book...and it bothered me. Seemed unnecessary and ruined the book for me a bit.

I think I was expecting it to be more Pride and Predjudice, you know, happy ending and all. Which seems stupid...why do I need a happy ending to enjoy a book? Sigh. I don't know...but I do!

Anyway, if you enjoyed Anna Karenina or Wuthering Heights (which I also didn't care for) you might enjoy The House of Mirth.

Next book is The Wasp Factory by Ian Banks.

Anyone have any other books to recommend?...I have a few from last time that I asked and that I will be reading shortly, and promise to read ANYTHING that anyone recommends.

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