Thursday, July 22, 2010

The New House

We bought a house today.


We are officially homeowners TOGETHER. This makes divorce so much more difficult ;-) Kidding!

Anyway, Dom bought a house several years ago in San Francisco before we met, so this isn't our first home, cause you know I inherited the home when I married Dom, but it is our first home purchase together.

But here's the thing...

The house is in the place I never thought I would ever live again.

You see, nothing bad against Oregon, Oregon is beautiful and there's lots of amazing things about it, but Oregon just doesn't get me, you know? Oregon is like the ex-boyfriend that was such a great guy, he never did anything wrong, you just broke up because you weren't right for each other. That's Oregon and me, just not right for each other.

New York on the other hand was the illicit fun filled love affair, that was never meant to be a long term relationship, but was one of the best relationships you ever had. Again, nothing wrong with this ex either, you just knew you weren't going to grow old together, so you made the most out of it while you were together until it was time to move on.

And then there's San Francisco, I've spent very little time with San Francisco but I can see the potential and it will HOPEFULLY be my long term life partner.

Yes, I'm comparing cities to relationships, I think it's a good analogy.

Back to the house.

Luckily we didn't buy this home as a primary home, we will live permanently in San Francisco and this Oregon home will be more of a vacation/summer home, because you see, Oregon is awesome for kids. Wait, let me write that again because it deserves capital letters, OREGON IS AWESOME FOR KIDS.

I may not get along with Oregon now (don't even get me started on allergy season) but I'm glad I grew up there and not in the city.

I was a proper county kid. I made mud pies, climbed trees, built forts (tree forts, hay forts, WOODSTACK forts, forts are awesome) rode bikes everywhere, found swimming holes, stole apples from neighbors orchards, was forced to mow the yard, help lay bark-o-mulch, and stack wood, went camping and fishing, shot guns (I refused to go hunting though) went out in the woods to cut down our own Christmas tree, took day trips out in the boondocks to cut down trees for fire wood, rode 4-wheelers, went sledding in the yard, had a slip n slide in the yard (and put it on a hill and added soap to it in the teenage years, which is totally awesome), and the scars up and down my legs to prove my carelessness while participating in said activities. PROPER COUNTRY KID.

Dom, on the other hand, grew up in London...enough said. So, let's just say he's really, really, really excited for our new Oregon house. Probably more excited for the Oregon house then the San Francisco remodel. He has such grand ideas as felling trees on the property (there's 5 acres and too many trees), making firewood from said trees, building a kit car, buying boy toys (4-wheelers, dirt bikes, lawnmowers) to put into the garage, etc etc.

As I mentioned I've participated in all of these activities in my youth (ok, not building a car but my grandpa built a '69 Mustang and know was there sometimes when he was building it, that totally counts) and while it was fun as a kid, as an adult I'm just not a country girl anymore. I like the city. I like getting dressed up to go out to dinner, hiring someone to clean my house, a plethora of restaurant choices, walking to the grocery store, expensive handbags, designer stores (even if I don't buy anything from them, I just like them to BE there) boozy brunches and public transportation (because you can't drive after a boozy brunch!)

But the kids, the nonexistent children, they will love Oregon. And you know, my parents, one sister and her family are all there, which means babysitters! ;-)

So here's to you future children, I hope you enjoy the house! And to my darling husband, congratulations on officially owning a country home, you can now let your inner redneck free.


  1. Congratulations! It sounds like you will have the best of both worlds.

  2. Hip Hip Hooray! Congrats on your first "bought together" house!

  3. Just you wait until you see the weather that we "Oregon" is having....We are just not having a summer this year! Couple of good days, a week of bad days! Congrats on the home....I am in the Portland area.

  4. Congrats on the new house!!
    Forts are awesome! Oregon is on my list of places to visit, yep I dream big!

  5. Hi Jesica,

    I just found your comment on my blog (I seriously never thought ANYONE would read it, so I never checked). So glad you guys bought a house in Oregon!!! I love, love, love Oregon...but I'm itching to get back to the big city and some decent happy hours. In other news...Eugene has it's FIRST decent happy hour that I've been able to find since I moved here. It's from 4-6 at Izumi Sushi in Crescent Village (a new shopping area behind Costco), and it is sooooo good. Coming from Seattle, I have been dying for a decent sushi place and I've finally found it. Welcome back to being an occasional Oregon resident!