Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Restaurant Review

Alright, time for another restaurant review!

We've made an effort to go out to eat every weekend and also to get out of our neighborhood niche. This gives us a chance to explore the city and branch out since we're here such a short time and it also gets me off the hook from cooking a few nights a week, since we all know how much I love cooking. Here we go!

Milson's - Lovely little Australian restaurant in Kirribilli, pretty upscale and expensive, but delicious and well worth it. We each had different entrees (appetizers) and mains and tried all 4 dishes. Everything was delicious! Plus they had really amazing bread and a really good wine that we ended up buying several bottles of around the corner at the Bottle Shop. Highly recommended for a fancy night out.

Cheng's on Fitzroy - Amazing Chinese! We've had a bit of bad luck with chinese restaurants, both in New York as well as San Francisco where we each ended up with food poisoning from 2 different chinese restaurants. So, we were treading lightly when we opted for chinese, but this place was absolutely delicious. It's just up the street from us in Kirribilli and they also do takeaway, so we've been here several times now and it's always superb. Highly recommended, both for dine in and takeaway.

Altitude - Fancy fancy Australian cuisine in The Rocks. This is where we went for Dom's birthday and again, like all the Australian we've had here, this place did not disappoint. We did a 4 course tasting menu and again we got different things so we could try them all and once again all 8 different dishes were superb. Highly recommended, but very expensive, so only recommended for fancy nights out. Oh, and when making reservations request a seat by the window!

Holy Cow - Indian restaurant in Surry Hills, which is close to where our apartment was when we came on our scouting trip, so it was nice to go back to that area, it's such a cute part of town. Great Indian restaurant that like so many restaurants here (all except very fancy places it seems) it was BYOB (B stands for bottle in this case, not beer) which makes meals SO much cheaper, it's amazing. Anyway, very very good Indian, highly recommended for good, cheap Indian food and if you're in the area I believe they do takeaway, which is a plus for those living in Surry Hills.

Red Zucchini - This is only 1 of 2 bad meals that we've had the ENTIRE time we've been here. This is an Italian restaurant in Neutral Bay, which is a fun commute for us because it's just 2 ferry stops away, and who doesn't like to go out to eat via a ferry =) This restaurant had fairly good reviews from several different sources, and it was the first Italian that we've had, so we were really looking forward to it. Unfortunately, it was less than stellar. For one the garlic bread, which smelled amazing, had NO flavor whatsoever, very disappointing. Then both our meals came, Dom got a meat dish, I got a pasta dish and we shared, both were very...eh. The pasta sauce tasted like it was out of a jar, seriously and the meat we asked for medium and it came very well done. So...not recommended at all.

We're definitely in search of a good Italian restaurant, especially now that we've tried and failed with our first attempt. Anyone have any restaurant recommendations? especially Italian, but any recommendations are welcome!

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