Sunday, July 18, 2010

I Hate the Gym

Me and the gym are not friends. I think she is an evil bitch and she...well I don't think she likes me much either. At least it's a mutual hatred.

Whilst living in New York we attempted on several occasions to get ourselves into some sort of exercise routine, but Dom was traveling A LOT and it made it hard. Honestly exercise really only works if you make it ROUTINE, part of your everyday life, just something you do, like check your email.

Unfortunately, Dom's life, and in turn my life, doesn't work like that. So, excuses, excuses, we finally joined a gym here in Oz. And...we're trying. Trying to go to the gym more often, trying to get our asses in better shape, we're trying.

I have all the time in the world to go, I have all the time in the world to exercise...but I HATE THE GYM. The motivation to go is just not there. I would love to get me some more defined arms and a nice taut tummy before I ruin it all with a pregnancy, but apparently I don't want those things THAT much because if I did I think I would go to the gym.

Anyone have any motivating tips to get me off to the gym? I'm thinking the Zumba class might be just the ticket, but unfortunately it's at a gym much further away (though it is at Bondi, my favorite place to shop!) which just gives me ONE MORE EXCUSE not to go. Help! How about this, I'm GOING TO GO to the Zumba class on Thursday, everyone ask me on Friday how my Zumba class went so that I can at the very least hang my head in shame if I don't go...or have to come up with a really good excuse =)


  1. A class is definitely the way to go. I love my Step class! Have you considered yoga? Besides stretching and relaxation, it can tone and strengthen your muscles big time! I just talked with your Dad and he told me about your blog, I love it! Your view looks magnificent....Liz

  2. do zumba, yo. i watch those ladies on tv do it and i am envious.

  3. I'm in the same boat as you... I think a Zumba class could be fun, our gym has one, but i've yet to try it. the closest i get to working out is holding Winston in the pool as he splashes. I will ask you on Friday how your class went!

  4. oh! each minute you spend working out, is a minute you get to spend at your favorite shops? no shops if no gym? that work for motivation?

  5. more motivation: get your oven in tip-top shape before you set it to bake for 40ish weeks! If not for vanity, at least for labor ease.

    Shiva Rhea can be VERY annoying, but her prenatal workout dvd is good (even for lazy days) - I tried to follow the 1st trimester model, but would often follow the 3rd (even in the 1st trimester) on those too-tired/not motivated days. (