Monday, March 21, 2011

Mary Poppins Purse

Has this ever happened to you?

You're digging around in your purse searching for a stamp that you KNOW you just saw in there a few days ago and whilst digging you begin pulling out items one at a time that seemingly couldn't possibly all fit into that purse at once, a la Mary Poppins style and come across several things that lead you to wonder "when did I last clean out my purse?"

So you clean out your purse.

And what do you find but the following list of items:

Wide Tooth Comb
My Passport

Those are the normal everyday items, the essentials if you will, then you also have the following which really have no business being in your purse for GOD KNOWS HOW LONG:

Band Aid Friction Stick (very useful in the summer months, but I've been in winter for more than 2 months now)
Receipts in AUD (That's Australian Dollars, again more than 2 months ago)
Ace Bandage Tape (the second I take this out of my purse I will need it for uncomfortable shoe rubbage, but I didn't know it was there so not much use it would have done me had I needed it)
Car Charger (should probably be in the car, no?)
Nurofen w/no Nurofen (ie an empty container of Ibuprofen, very useful)
Money from Singapore (when the hell was I in Singapore?! That was August of 2010! More than 7 months ago!)
Buttons (not from any of my clothes that I recognize)
A Deck of Cards (no idea why...but they are Australian Made, so they must have been in there for at least 2 months as well)
2 sets of headphones (for plane rides, 2 months since I've been on a plane)
Change Purse of AUD coinage
Bobby pins & hair ties galore (yet somehow I can never find either when I'm digging around in there)
2 USB Sticks (with exactly what on them your guess is as good as mine!)
Pack of gum
Condom from old CBGB in NYC (it's a clothing shop now, but they were throwing a concert and had condoms on the I took one, but that was back in November, 4 months ago)
Free drink tickets for United flights (drinks are free on international flights, but I keep these babies in my purse just in case!)
MyMulti Pass from Sydney
3 Metrocards from NYC
Key Cardfor 60 Thompson (hotel we stayed at our last night in NYC back in May of last year, oh boy that's 10 months ago!)
Unknown Hotel Card
Gift Card for Silk Day Spa in NYC (I wonder how much is on that bad boy)
Business card for a restaurant in Italy that I don't remember going to (and Italy was a year and a half ago, surely I've cleaned my purse out since then?!)
6 Airline Ticket Stubs
Lip Venom

In short, I have a purse full of crap, anyone else find completely random things while cleaning out their purse?

Tell me the weirdest thing you've pulled out of your purse!


  1. Haha - that happens to me all the time! I think the weirdest (gross) thing I ever pulled out of my purse was a Babybel cheese that was in there for goodness knows how long. I sadly threw it out.

    PS Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

  2. That's hilarious. Seriously, you must have a huge purse! :)