Sunday, January 2, 2011

This One Time We Went to the Opera

I'm so crap about actually writing about events when they actually happen...


Several months ago, back in October I think, we went to the opera at the Sydney Opera House. My opera experiences are minimal at best...I think I've been to 3 now, so when it came time to decide what to see at the Opera House guess how I chose the opera?

Pretty Women. Ha!

You know that scene when they go the opera and Julia Roberts says "It was so good I almost peed my pants!" and he turns to the old lady who she was talking to and says "She said it was better than the Pirates of Penzance." So, guess what we saw?

The Pirates of Penzance!

Seriously that's how I chose. I checked what operas were playing and it was the only one I recognized, and yes I only recognized it from Pretty Woman, so I bought the tickets right then and there having NO idea what the opera was about. You may remember I also did this with West Side Story and it turned out less than amazing for me. This time on the other hand it turned out completely awesome.

Did you know that the Pirates of Penzance is a comedy???? And that the main pirate is either being very Jack Sparrow in his portrayal of his character....or vice versa? Seriously, he was totally Jack Sparrow (from Pirates of the Caribbean if you don't know who Jack Sparrow is).

Anyway, LOVED the opera and give it 2 thumbs way way up, if you ever feel like going to the opera and Pirates of Penzance is playing, GO SEE IT!

Oh, and you remember this dress, well I didn't wear it to the wedding, but I totally bought it anyway and yep, I wore it to the opera!

How very New York of us to be in head to toe black...

Anyone else been to any really great operas?

I'm going to start my new countdown now, it's the countdown to HOME!

T-Minus 15 Days!!!!

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