Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Great Ocean Road Part 2

The weather improved each and every day of our road trip. It started out miserable and cold in Melbourne but as we hit the road the sun was out and while it wasn't warm it also wasn't cold.

Since we had 2 days to do this drive we took our time and got a late start from Melbourne after visiting the Gaol in the morning. Unfortunately we didn't really plan this trip out AT ALL and it was all very go with the flow and see what happens. Because we had no plan whatsoever we ended up missing out on 2 things that we really wanted to do because they closed at 5pm and we didn't make it to them until after 6pm. The first thing we missed out on was the Cape Otway Lighthouse which is apparently haunted (who doesn't like a good haunted lighthouse!) and has been running since 1848. The lighthouse was actually way up there on my list of things to see on the road trip so even though we missed the opening hours we took a little drive down the road towards it in hopes that we could catch a glimpse from afar. And while we caught nary a glimpse of any lighthouse we did make a very happy discovery that we otherwise would have missed if we hadn't turned down the road to the lighthouse.


Coolest wildlife I have ever encountered in the wild! Better than the roos in my opinion. They're very lethargic and slow moving (maybe this is why I liked them so much, the roos are always on the move and impossible to photograph!). Once we saw one they were incredibly easy to spot and we saw hundreds up in the gum trees. Completely amazing and made the whole trip worth it.

Next up we catch the 12 apostles just before the sun sets...

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