Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Some Help Please

Since we're heading back home and I will no longer be living in Sydney it's going to be a bit silly to have a blog called "From Sydney with Love", so what should I call my blog?

My next city is so undetermined right now I can't even just change the city and be from somewhere else with love.

Originally this thing was just to update friends and family while we were away, but now I think I'll keep it going.

Anyone have any brilliant blog titles I can steal?

And also, so far this thing has been pretty much a travel blog and now I'm going to have to mix things up because we're finally "settling down" with no more trips planned, OMG!

So, get ready for some baking/cooking/decorating blog posts because for the next few months we'll be in good ole Springtucky Oregon!


  1. YES!!!!! I was going to tell you that you should keep your blog going, I love reading it! Hmm...names.. it tooke me a week to think of a name for mine.. I made a list of theme words I wanted to incorporate, like "life" "wife" "marriage" things like that, and then started trying to put things together to think of a title..

  2. yay! glad you're keeping it going...

    blog titles... hmmm... settling down perhaps?