Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Please Help Me Convince Myself...

...that I can get away with wearing this dress to an afternoon outside wedding in the summer...in Oregon =)

Because seriously, I NEED this dress. What if I wore it with flat shoes? does that make it less fancy? I mean yeah, it's a sparkly FEATHER dress, but that's not inappropriate for an outside afternoon summer garden wedding...in Oregon, is it? Did I not mention the garden part the last time?

Alright, I can already foresee people telling me I can't wear it, so I have some other options. How about this?

Better view of the dress without the model's hands in the way.

Or, I have this dress already in my closet that I bought for another wedding, but ended up wearing something else, so I haven't worn it yet.

Or I also have this dress, which is obvs more appropriate for the outside afternoon garden wedding...in Oregon. This dress by the way is much shorter in person than on this model and thus much cuter.
But, if I'm going to wear a dress I already own then I NEED new shoes. How about these bad boys?

So, which option should I go with? New dress (with feathers!) or new shoes. Cause you know something is gonna have feathers on it. Please help!

Seriously, it's my birthday on Friday (yay for Friday the 13th) and I haven't given Dom any ideas for a present for me, so I'm thinking I need a new dress or new shoes.

If you read this blog, please comment and help me out!

Ok, I may have also already bought this dress too...one more option for y'all!

But I think it may look too much like a dress I already have, which I wore to a wedding last year...it looks like this.

Yeah, the new one is flowers instead of bows...and not a single person at this wedding will have been at that wedding, thus they'll have no idea that I'm wearing a "similar" dress, but that pic above is my facebook profile pic, so I feel like people have seen me in it a lot and will think that I'm wearing the same dress...even though they are CLEARLY different.

Am I overanalyzing the whole thing?

Should I wear none of these and continue hunting?

Do I need the feather dress ANYWAY and can find something else to wear it to?

Everyone give me your thoughts please!


  1. I know not a lot about the summer in Oregon for an outside wedding but I lurve option 1! :)

  2. you NEED the feather dress! AND the matching shoes!!!

  3. You don't know me but I totally agree with Mrs V you need the feather dress AND the matching shoes ;-)

  4. um, hi. i hope you got the feather dress.

  5. you really should have worn the feather dress. :-)