Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Great Ocean Road Part 1

It is said that the drive between Melbourne and Adelaide on the Great Ocean Road is one of the best road trips in the world and that if you ever have the chance to do it, you should.

So, we did.

We started off in Melbourne where it was COLD, remember it's summer, but with temps in the teens (Celsius) rain and wind, Melbourne was a bit miserable. When we first moved here we debated on whether we wanted to live in Melbourne or very very happy I am that we chose Sydney. Melbourne is cute, but it's really not my cup of tea and the weather is even more crap than the crappy weather here in Sydney.

However, one completely awesome thing about Melbourne is the Old Melbourne Gaol, which is the old prison that they've since turned into a museum. The famous bushranger Ned Kelly was imprisoned and hanged here, he's the Australian version of Jesse James as far as I can tell, an outlaw that has captured the interest of the public.

I just have this to say about the Old Mebourne was damn cool and I recommend going if you're ever in Melbourne.

These tiny cells on the lowest level were for the worst of the worst inmates. They were in these cells for 23 hours a day and were NEVER allowed to see or speak to anyone including the guards and other inmates. It would have been sure hell.

I've only included this piccie because Dom's eyes are the exact color of his shirt and mine are the exact color of my jacket =)

This is the actual spot and actual beam from which many a prisoner were hung, including the infamous Ned Kelly himself.

And speaking of Ned Kelly, this is his body armor that he made for an imminent police shootout. He still managed to get himself shot and ended up here at the gaol, but nevertheless it made him famous.

After Melbourne we hit the road, hoping and praying for better weather...

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