Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Booktastic: Down Under

I read too many books, I'm finding it impossible to keep up with myself.

I read this months and months ago, but it's a really great book so I thought I would do a whole post on it.

Down Under by Bill Bryson

I'd never heard of Bill Bryson before Dom came home with this book but after catching Dom laughing out loud several times and reading passages to me in bed I decided I had to read it for myself.

Bryson is a travel writer and basically goes somewhere walks around and writes about what he encounters. He "does" very little other than walk around new towns, which in and of itself isn't funny, but what he encounters along the way is hilarious.

This book gives a really great glimpse into Australia ESPECIALLY as an outsider. If you've ever wanted to visit Australia I highly recommend this book. OR if you just really enjoy travel writing in general I also highly recommend it.

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  1. My husband absolutely loves his books....I've never read one myself, but I keep hearing positive things about him.