Friday, June 19, 2015

Baby #2 Bumpdate - Weeks 33 & 34

How far along: 34w1d

Weight Gain: I don't know how much I've gained in the last few weeks but I'm 145ish right now, which puts me at 27 lbs gained total.

What's Up with My Body: pelvis feels better.  I went to the chiropractor and he confirmed that my left hip was in fact fucked.  The SI joint was out of whack, the hip flexor was out of whack and the round ligament was TIGHT.  All in all there was a reason for my discomfort and with a bit of an adjustment he actually fixed the damn thing!  BUT, my rib popped out again.  DAMN!  So, pelvis feels great, upper back really really hurts.  Even with a return trip and another adjustment to put it back in place...still hurts and I imagine will continue to hurt for the rest of this pregnancy.

Sleep: Pregnancy insomnia can kiss my ass.  I can't fall asleep, I can't stay asleep, I wake up 7,000 times a night.  I wake up feeling anything but refreshed.  Sleeping sucks!

Stretch Marks: No, not even the one on my boob from last time.

Emotions: OMG, as soon as the rib popped out I lost it.  Balled my eyes out for most of the day.  It turns out ALL household chores require some amount of bending and bending HURTS right now.  Dom is still gone (home tonight!) and I felt very emotional and helpless and I was in pain and my house was turning into a pigsty because I couldn't pick up toys or do laundry or put dishes away or ANYTHING it felt like.  Last night I finally worked up the energy and courage to JUST DO IT and if I take my time I can bend enough to at least pick up everything off the floor and put the dishes away.  So, feeling better...but definitely hit a low point this week.


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