Friday, June 5, 2015

Baby #2 Bumpdate - Weeks 30, 31...& 32

What a slacker.

3 weeks since I've bumpdated.

Again, sorry Baby #2, but this time it's your fault, I've been busy preparing for YOUR arrival by moving to Oregon for the next 3 months.

So, we're here, we made it safely to Oregon.  It feels nice to finally be in the space in which I will hopefully be giving birth but it's been a hectic transition!

Dom was here, then he was gone and he's been gone since Monday, so I'm solo parenting.  We had a leak in our water main and dead mice in our attic stinking up the's been a bit stressful.

BUT we're settling in and I'm glad to be here amongst family, all ready to help in any way they can.

Let's bumpdate shall we?

How far along: 32w1d

Weight Gain: Big frowny face =( I'm up to 145...which is 27 lbs gained!!!  EEK!

What's Up With My Body: My pelvic girdle is uncomfortable in many ways.  I feel a lot of pressure, mostly in my rectum honestly, but it has nothing to do with pooping, just baby pushing and that seems to be where the pressure is directed.  I, unfortunately had this issue when in labor last time where all the contractions were pushed down into my rectum...hurt like a bitch, I'm afraid I'm doomed to have a repeat this time around if I'm already feeling a similar pressure.  But now things like sitting on hard surfaces are really uncomfortable, my whole ass hurts after just a few minutes.

My pelvis may also be out of alignment.  I went for a walk a few weeks ago, not a long walk by any stretch, maybe a mile in total (pushing a stroller) and after I laid down for a nap I got up and COULD BARELY WALK!  It felt like a pulled groin almost except the pain was radiating UP from my crotch through the left side of me, like INSIDE.  I was basically immobile for the rest of the day, I could only shuffle along, any lifting of the left leg sent pain radiating up through me.  It happened 3 more times over the next week, anytime I went walking for any distance.  I waited for my midwife appt last week to bring it up and she thinks it's a muscle spasm (because there is in fact a muscle that goes up inside you starting at your crotch, who knew?) caused by a pelvic misalignment. to the chiropractor I go, I can imagine few things worse than a pelvic being out of alignment BEFORE giving birth! awesome.  113/66 yesterday.  So, check that off, I'll quit worrying about that for now.

Emotions: Still feeling pretty good emotionally.  I may be in a bit of denial about the fact that there is in fact another little person about to join our little family.  I worry about how this transition will affect Jett more than anything else.  Part of me is ridiculously worried about having a newborn again but the other part knows we'll just figure it out and we'll all survive...even if it's as awful as it was the first time.

Gender:  I officially have absolutely no idea.

My bump looks so much smaller bare...what's up with that?

And a comparison to last time...a little bigger, but not much...

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  1. you look great!!! welcome back to Oregon.. and yeah for the good BP!!!!