Monday, June 1, 2015

A Jett Update

I've been talking about New Baby alot, but I don't want to forget about Jett.

He's ridiculously adorable these days and there's a few things I need to document.

He has an obsessive urge to correct Dom.  Words Dom says (he's British and says things "wrong" =). "It's not a nappy, it's a diaper Dad!" Things he tells Jett to do (if it's different than what mommy said).  "Mommy says we have to do it THIS way!" How to put Legos together.  "No, that piece goes HERE!" EVERYTHING Dom does wrong.  And it's fucking hilarious.

He also has a habit of telling other people what to do.  Again, usually something I've said to him.  He told a random lady on the street the other day to "Look both ways before you cross the street!"  My little listener.

When he wants you to leave something alone he always says "stay it on/there".  And I think it's adorable.  I feel like in some other language it's completely grammatically correct to say you want someone to "stay it there" instead of "leave it there".  I never correct him because I can't stand the cuteness and I want him to say it that way forever.

He adds an extra "n" to a few words and adorable I hope he says words this way forever.  Piano is Pian-nyo.  And Signal is Snignal.  I die everytime.

Has asked to come to bed with me a few times!!!  Eek!  This is both adorable and perhaps the start of the fall down a long slippery slope.  I was alone one night and he asked at a 4am wakeup if he could come sleep with me and I gave in.  Surprisingly, he slept.  But then he did it again about 2 weeks later and IT WAS ONLY 9PM!  I hadn't even gone to bed yet so I told him I had to go get the bed ready for him and he could wait in his crib for me.  Not 2 minutes later he was sound asleep and hasn't mentioned it since...I don't think he remembers it.  BUT, I'm dreading him doing this after new baby comes!  What will I say then when I've already got one in bed with me???

LOVES Legos.  I've never owned a Lego set in my life, but this kid could literally play Legos all day long.  He must get this from his father...

Something else he gets from his MUST give him a warning of some kind if you want to change activities.  "We have 10 minutes of Legos and then we're doing this"  "After you watch this last TV show, this is the last TV show and then we're doing this."  He's fine with almost anything as long as you've given him a heads up.  Dom is EXACTLY the same.  He can cope with change as long as there's a bit of a forewarning, if you try to change things up on him in the moment DOM CANNOT COPE.  Jett is the same same same.

He's back to napping every few days.  We have a week or so of 2 hour naps and then a week of no naps.  It's manageable only because on no nap days he sleeps for 13 hours!!!  Down at 7pm and up at 8am or sometimes as late as 8:30am!!  I can't complain too much.

Has really started to understand the concept of friends!  We went to the playground in San Jose a few weekends back and Jett (with some help from mommy) asked another little boys name and told him his name and then asked if he wanted to play!   They spent the next 10 minutes going up and down a slide together holding hands.  So freaking cute!!!  He also insists the little boy across the street is his BEST friend and always wants to hang out with him every day.

He has become a great little story teller.  It's usually based off a TV show he's seen recently but he'll recap an entire episode with his legos.  He builds all the characters and then will tell you who they are and what they're doing and it's always something that happened on a show he'd seen that day or the day before.

He's really such a sweet kid and I count myself lucky that he's such an easy toddler.  Poor kid has no idea what's about to happen even though we mention New Baby a lot.  I can only hope he continues to be a sweet kid as he adapts to sharing attention and being a big brother.


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  2. I love this update! He is precious and this toddler phase is so hilarious and fun!

  3. He's going to do great with the baby. He sounds so much like Avery and we didn't have ANY issues with her when Luke was born. The first issue we've had just happened this past week. Now that Luke is mobile, he goes after her toys, blocks and lego towers which she doesn't like at all!