Friday, May 15, 2015

Baby #2 Bumpdate - Weeks 28 & 29

Hello Third Trimester!

Without a doubt I am not enjoying pregnancy the 2nd time around as much as I did the first.  I feel uncomfortable in ALL of my clothes and just generally feel big and unwieldy, something I did not experience last time until the very very end.

Basically I feel...yuck...all the time.

But here goes.

How far along: 29w1d

Weight Gain:  This might be why I feel so much bigger and unwieldy this time, I am somehow only about a pound shy of where I was WHEN I GAVE BIRTH last time AND I started this pregnancy out 5 lbs lighter than last time.  That means I have gained 24 lbs...and I have a long ass time left of this pregnancy.  My pants (yes maternity pants!) are so uncomfortable these days all I want to wear are my skirts and maxi dresses but the weather is not cooperating.  It was 70 degrees throughout the winter but come spring suddenly we're barely in the 60s and it's just a little too cold for bare legs!

What's Up With my Body:  Blood pressure seems ok for the time being.  It is in the 117-124/74-83 range...which is all fine, all good.  If it stays here, GREAT!  But I've got my eye on it.

Headaches have come a knockin and are making me cranky and miserable.  Of course headaches are a sign of high blood pressure so every time I have one I FREAK OUT but...they don't seem to be related in this case.

Constipation and hemorrhoids while not gone are UNDER CONTROL for the moment and I know that's the best I can hope for!

And heartburn, I have heartburn every night when I wake up at midnight to pee.  Gross.

Emotions: Emotionally I'm actually feeling really good.  We make the move up to Oregon in 2 weeks and I'm feeling very ready for the whole thing rather than overwhelmed by things that need to be done.  We took a trip up there in March and I packed up all the newborn things we might need for the first few weeks AND all my nursing clothes and took it all up there already, so I don't feel like there's much to do around here other than pack up our clothes and head off.  Dom will actually be spending a bit longer here in Berkeley before making the move up with us so it doesn't feel like I need to get my house ready to be empty for 3 months, which is usually stressful in and of itself.  I THINK WE'RE READY!!!  Kind of crazy that when we come back we will be a family of 4!!!

Gender: Back to girl.  I just feel so different this time...I will be surprised if this is another boy.



  1. It's so hard not to gain weight quickly while trying to take care of pregnancy hunger + toddler(s). I just have to EAT. It's hard to eat right. I'm just hungry. I'm eating PBJ and popcorn and junky things just because it's around and easy and it takes care of my needs quickly so I can focus on them some more. I started off this pregnancy 10lb heavier than what I was at the beginning of my last pregnancy so at first when I wasn't gaining much weight I thought that was good, but now it seems my weight gain has maybe gotten out of control. This whole time I have struggled with whether or not to buy more maternity clothes, so I've been wearing a lot of leggings and dresses/skirts that are stretchy and fit better from last time to this time (though some are still very tight!).

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