Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Things I Never Knew About Newborns

I'm learning so much about babies, I never knew...

...that their umbilical cord stump stinks before it falls out!  And I mean STINKS!  For like 3 days my baby boy smelled GROSS, every time I'd go to change him this horrible stench would just come wafting up from him...EW!  In case anyone is curious why it stinks it's because baby's digestive juices are eating away at it from the inside-out...I never knew this.  Once it's off though baby is back to smelling like a delicious baby!

...they pee ALL. THE. TIME.  I had no idea a baby could pee so much!  He literally pees at least once an hour BARE MINIMUM.  And almost always you can get him to pee when you change his diaper.  SO MUCH PEE!

...baby boys pee EVERYWHERE!  Their little penis is like a hose and no matter if you point it down in his diaper or not somehow he can still pee everywhere.  He's peed out the side of his diaper, out the back, out the front, all over me, all over the bed, through his diaper, his clothes and his blanket through to the mattress, he even managed to pee on himself and cover himself from HEAD to toe...yes, he peed on his own head.  Again, there is SO MUCH PEE!

...because of all the pee, there are SO MANY DIAPERS!  We've started cloth diapering now that baby is bigger (he started out way too small for the cloth diapers!) and even with my 12 that I have we go through SO MANY DISPOSABLE DIAPERS!  I'm stocking up on more cloth so that we can get out of disposables completely, but HOLY HELL...I had no idea just how many diapers a newborn could go through in a day.

...they sleep A LOT.  A newborn is actually really boring!  I rarely see my baby's eyes.  They don't do anything except sleep, PEE, poop and eat.  It's a neverending 2 or 3 hour cycle of feed the baby, change the baby, baby sleeps for 1-2 hours and REPEAT.  I've never been so bored and yet so overwhelmed at the same time.

It's a good thing babies are cute because otherwise I don't know why we, as humans, would continue to procreate!

We call him...The Burrito. 

Look how tiny The Burrito is in the big bed!


  1. Loving your baby burrito :) so cute. We are planning to cloth diaper too, which cloth diapers are you using? I am doing a newborn cloth diaper trial so I get to try a bunch out, I am ridicuously excited about it. Also, was htinking today, we never saw the nursery post 10 week ago picture - I want to see it!

    1. We used Flips one size fits all cloth diaper covers on our newborn (7lbs), and didn't have any issues.


  2. You are so right.. with newborns you are so bored yet so overwhelmed. I think I watched every single show and free movie I could find on On Demand when I would have those days of just sitting and nursing all day. :-) One other thing to add to what I didn't know about newborn (boys) at least.. erections from day 1!!! So weird!!!

  3. I know, everything you said hit the nail on the head! Cute baby burrito!

  4. Such a cute little burrito!!!

    I've heard that about little boys. They are pee ninjas!

  5. All so true. My little boy peed in his own mouth the other day, he made the funniest face.

  6. What a cute little burrito!
    I'm still waiting for my cute little peeing machine. He had better be cute, because I'm now tired of waiting. LOL

  7. Keep all of this up, please! These little info posts are helping to prepare me (and I'm sure others) for what is to come! Plus the pictures are adorable!

  8. Oh my goodness....this is so true. I always thought newborns were so fascinating and awesome...until I had one of my own....yes...they really are quite boring day after day....and just when you think you can't take it anymore...they wake up and start smiling and little by little get more interactive....but yes....these first few weeks (especially if baby came a few weeks early)...they don't do much. I'm a cloth diaper mama too...and it is overwhelming at first because until about 6-7 weeks old you go thru like 12 diapers or more a day. Believe me...that will slow down and be much more manageable. BUT...I would suggest you have a stash of at least 26-30 so you only have to wash every other day or every third day. For newborn stage I just used prefolds and covers...sooo easy. And then once my babies were 10-12 lbs...we switched to OS pockets which carried them thru until potty training.

  9. Ugh, baby boy pee. I will so have this problem. Just wait until he is about 4 months! They get SO fun!

  10. hhahaha! This made me laugh- YES they are boring!!! And oh my goodness my boy peed on me like 100 times in the beginning AND on himself- that has gotten MUCH better with time- try a pee pee tepe :) You can get them on etsy :)Such a cute little burrito! Enjoy this phase because soon you will have your hands full!