Monday, August 13, 2012

Not 30 Anymore Just In My Thirties

Today I turn 31.

I was convinced 30 was going down as the worst year of my life.  The miscarriage and the death of my grandmother left an awful taste in my mouth even as we welcomed the news of a second pregnancy on the heels of the first. 

I was elated about the pregnancy but upset about being pregnant for ANOTHER birthday, which just served as a reminder of what we had lost and WHY I was still pregnant a full year later.  

And I really wanted to have a baby while I was still 30.

I never considered the fact that Baby Jett would come early.  Unless he was showing up today, on my birthday, I honestly believed he wouldn't be here until the end of August.

But he's been with us for 10 days already.  

And Baby Jett's early arrival turned 30 from the worst year of my life into the something much different.

I can't claim 30 was the best year of my life as there was still just so much sadness, but Jett is the light at the end of that dark dark tunnel and I am grateful that he made his debut when he did.

So Goodbye 30 and Hello 31.


  1. Happy birthday - may the rest of your 30s be infinitely better, and I am so glad that Jett became the perfect light at the end of your tunnel.

  2. Happy birthday Jesica! I'm glad your 30th year turned around.

  3. Happy birthday!! And no sharing!!

  4. Happy Birthday! I'm so sorry for the sadness of your 30th year, but I love hearing that you have a great light at the end of the tunnel for it. May things be much brighter going forward!