Friday, August 10, 2012

One Week

I should be 39w2d pregnant right now...instead my baby is 1 week old.  Still so weird.

At one week Baby Jett:

Has diaper rash already!  Ugh, we tried so hard to avoid diaper rash, changing him ALL the time but seems it is impossible to avoid.

Is a champion nurser.  He's what's called an "efficient" nurser because he latches on, guzzles down half a boob in 8 minutes, gags, burbs and spits up for a bit, sometimes a la exorcist style (projectile baby spit up at 2am is awesome)...and repeats on the other side.  Nursing sessions should only take about 20 minutes at this rate but...

He is also a very picky eater.  If he has gas, needs to burp, needs to pee, has a wet diaper or dirty diaper, if ANYTHING is amiss he won't latch until the problem is fixed.  Thus nursing sessions take much closer to 30-45 minutes because mommy and daddy have trouble figuring out what's wrong before Baby Jett will nurse.  There's also a lot of latching, sucking, pulling away, figure out what's wrong, change what's wrong, problem fixed! back on the boob, latch, suck and repeat.  It's a game of trial and error.  

Is back to his birth weight already!  This can take anywhere from a week to a full 2 weeks for them to get back to birth weight, but because he's such a great nurser Baby Jett accomplished this feat in just 6 days.  Which is completely awesome because babies under 6 lbs. are too tiny!

Is also a champion sleeper.  We spent the first 6 days waking baby every 2-3 hours to nurse, which can be quite exhausting, especially when baby doesn't want to wake up!  But as of Day 6 when he reached birth weight again we can now let him sleep for a 4-5 hour stretch every 24 hours.  Of course we choose to let this happen at night and Baby Jett has put up no fuss about it.  I end up waking him up in the night to feed because my boobs are engorged...I have no idea how long he would sleep if we let him.  You know you're a parent when you think a 4 hour stretch of sleep is a LOT and you're super excited about it.  We, by the way, get a good 2 hour stretch and then the 4 hour stretch at night now and if we're lucky an hour or two nap during the's not bad, totally doable.

Sleeps in bed with us.  I honestly don't know how I could possibly put him in his nursery all by himself when he's so teeny tiny.  I also don't know how I'd know to wake up and nurse if he wasn't right next to me.  He doesn't really cry, he just sort of wakes up and starts moving and grunting, it wakes me right up because I'm next to him but if he was in another room I imagine he'd have to get all the way to crying for me to hear him!  I love waking up to see him right there next to me...we will be co-sleeping until he moves around too much in his sleep as to annoy the shit out of me.

Is just being way too good of a baby for me to accept.  Instead of relishing in the moment I'm looking to the future and thinking about all the ways in which things could change and make him a fussy baby.  I should stop and just take in the moment and enjoy the fact that we slipped into this thing called parenthood relatively easily.

And because I never got to do my 38 week bumpdate...cause you know...we decided to just have the baby instead...I give you my final pregnant photo, taken just an hour or two before we headed off to the hospital.

And Baby Jett on the outside!  Curled into the exact position he was in utero.


  1. So happy things are going well for you and that Jett is a good sleeper. I love to hear your updates. It gives me an idea of what is to come.

  2. I love the before and after shots! Adorable. Glad to hear he is a great eater & sleeper- may that trend continue!

  3. Oh he's such a cutie! I'm so glad everything is going well! I can't believe it.s been one week already!

  4. You're right about needing to enjoy the now. My best advice is to relish and enjoy the moment, the where you are now moments. They pass quickly and every stage has its amazing parts. Take the time to enjoy them as much as possible. Don't look to the future and don't look to the past. Kids live in the here and now and I believe we as parents should too.

  5. So glad things are going well, congratulations on little Jett, he looks super cute and lovely

  6. That is so precious! I love seeing him as the 'after' picture! He sounds like a dream baby. Congrats again!

  7. You both look fantastic! So glad that the feeding/sleeping is going so well as that's supposed to be the hard part! Sounds perfect.

  8. Wow 4-5 hour stretches already! Awesome!! And I love that last picture - it's so weird to think he was in there!

  9. So sweet, I'm so happy for you! Avery was doing the same thing with latching and pulling away with nursing until today when I figured out I was not leaning over enough for her. She's been a trooper since, hopefully that will last. I'm still in the hospital and finally have a second to catch up on some blogs, can't wait to read his birth story!

  10. So glad you have settled into parenthood so easily! Co-sleeping while nursing is the best... roll over, they latch, and you get to doze off. :-) I would have continued with that, but Austin started kicking and pushing against me and demanding space so we had to stop. And yeah for a champion nurser and sleeper! Fingers crossed it just continues/gets better!!