Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Speaking of Owls

Oh wait, what? we weren't talking about owls?

Well, we are now.

Go with it.

How cute is this owl?

Forever 21 bitches, Forever 21.

I don't normally shop at Forever 21, I'm more of an H&M/Old Navy kind of girl for trendy clothes/accessories on the cheap.

But I needed an outfit for a Jersey Shore party and I thought to myself, what better place to find skanktastic clothes for a Jersey Shore Party than Forever 21?

Turns out Forever 21 had none of the skanktasticness I was looking for other than some fabulous platform patent leather peep toe stripper shoes, which are awesome by the way.

Instead they had oodles of girly, frilly, flowey, flowery, ruffley things.

And an owl.

Man I wish Eugene/Springfield had an H&M!

Thank god I'm back to big city living in just 3. SHORT. DAYS.


  1. Holy crap!! I ALMOST bought an owl scrub top because it was pretty darn cute. I ended up putting it back since who knows if I'll be working with kids any time soon and an entire shirt covered in an owl pattern qualifies as a "cartoon scrub top" but that's a weird coincidence none the less!

  2. So cute - love the owl! I Loooooove F21! I've almost got their "ordering online" down to a science - as far as fabrics, sizing, and general cuteness.

    We're getting an H&M in Dallas! I'm so excited. :) It's supposed to open sometime this summer. I'll probably wait 'til the crowd dies down (if it ever does!) and do some shopping their for fall/winter.

    The Jersey Shore party sounds like fun! For "skanktastic" clothes, you need to check out one of those sketchy stores at the end of the mall that DON from Day Old News blog referenced the other day when talking about LeAnn Rimes skanky Easter dress!

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