Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hidden Treasures

I don't know about the rest of you who have moved states but when I moved from Oregon to New York many years ago I took with me 2 suitcases and sent 2 boxes of stuff to myself.

I left everything else.

Now that I'm back here in Oregon for a bit and have a place to house all of my worldly possessions that I left behind I've had a chance to go through boxes and boxes of stuff that 5 years ago I deemed too important to throw out yet not important enough to take with me across the country.

In general all I can think to myself is, "Why the hell did you keep this?!"

SO much stuff I have now thrown out or donated.

I have no idea what possessed me to hold onto most of it.

But a few times I've unearthed some wonderful treasures that have remained hidden for 5 years.

Case in point....

Nail Polish!

Blues and Pinks and Purples, Oh My!

I unearthed this lovely box of polish and even after opening and disposing of all that were past their expiration date I still have a whole basket of fun colors.

For example:

I found this pretty gray/purple iridescent loveliness and have had numerous people ask me what my nail color is called.

I'm almost embarrassed to tell them it's not OPI or any other brand that anyone would recognize and it's from 10 years ago.

Anyone find any hidden treasures amongst their own things while doing some spring cleaning/moving?


  1. Fun! That is a whole lot of nail polish.

    I get the whole "why did I keep this" moment. I have moved a few times and sometimes I wonder why I have moved some of this crap so many times! Some of it is pretty lame!

  2. oh yeah.. my wisdom teeth (ew not sure why I have those!) all my diaries I've ever kept... and remember Viper Boy? That guy that Kara dated for a bit but apparently he had a crush on me? I found a letter he wrote me when he sent me roses to UPS! I had to keep it, it was hilarious!

  3. Haha i've got the same color on my toes right now, it's from that metallics collection l'Oreal did a few years ago lol I couldn't decide if it was cool or tacky! Great minds!


  4. What a stash you got going there girlie!! Like a pot of gold :)