Saturday, March 12, 2011

Booktastic: The Duchess

Back to books.

I'm so behind on my reviews, I'll try to catch up.

First off I randomly discovered a book review blogger that I love and I'm going to steal the way she reviews. So first off I'll give you the review followed by my own thoughts, better than the link I was providing no?

So, here we go: says

Lady Georgiana Spencer was the great-great-great-great-aunt of Diana, Princess of Wales, and was nearly as famous in her day. In 1774 Georgiana achieved immediate celebrity by marrying William Cavendish, fifth duke of Devonshire, one of England’s richest and most influential aristocrats. She became the queen of fashionable society and founder of the most important political salon of her time. But Georgiana’s public success concealed an unhappy marriage, a gambling addiction, drinking, drug-taking, and rampant love affairs with the leading politicians of the day. With penetrating insight, Amanda Foreman reveals a fascinating woman whose struggle against her own weaknesses, whose great beauty and flamboyance, and whose determination to play a part in the affairs of the world make her a vibrant, astonishingly contemporary figure.

I say:

Loved this book, but I already loved the Duchess of Devonshire before I began reading this, so I may be biased. This is a very well researched historical non-fiction book, full of details left out by the movie made from this book also called The Duchess. The author delves into Georgiana's gambling addictions, infertility and numerous infidelities all of which were glossed over or left out entirely from the movie. It is quite a heavy read, not a light airy book for the beach, Foreman really delves deeply into the politics of the day but if you're at all into fascinating historical characters, such as Marie Antoinette, you'll enjoy The Duchess.

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