Friday, November 19, 2010

Thanksgiving Abroad

I'm having trouble wrapping my brain around the fact that next week is Thanksgiving.

Of course since I'm in Oz there is no Thanksgiving, which is probably the part I'm having trouble with. I've never been in another country during this uber American holiday that entails nothing but gorging oneself.

Thanksgiving is awesome.

We entertained the idea of having our own Thanksgiving next Friday, since our Friday is the US Thursday we would be "celebrating" at the same time. But in all honesty part of the fun of Thanksgiving is getting together with family and friends, not just the eating, and let's face it, it's not easy cooking up a Thanksgiving meal.

So, instead of slaving over a hot stove we planned our "Ayres Rock" trip, which means we will finally get to see the red center of Oz.

This is not the first Thanksgiving I've been away from home, but it is my first Thanksgiving that will be no Thanksgiving at all.

Anyone else spending Thanksgiving abroad and feeling a bit nostalgic about it?

And by the way, it's Saturday and I got up at 5:45am. Jetlag is awesome. And yes, that's sarcasm, which I'm clarifying because apparently my, meter? let's call it a meter, my sarcasm meter has been off lately, meaning everyone is having trouble sensing when I'm being sarcastic, so I'm clarifying, that is a sarcastic statement about jetlag. Jetlag is not awesome.

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