Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Distraction from Oz

As I've mentioned before, Oz is fantastic, Sydney is fantastic, the Aussies are fantastic...

But it's not home.

We have 2 months left and we definitely have itchy feet.

The most exciting thing about our homecoming will be our house remodel. It's going to be a long drawn out process I fear, but nevertheless we are sooo excited to get started!

I've never lived in this house so it's been tough for me to visualize all the changes we want to make, so my main focus has been the kitchen.

Here's some thoughts I have about our new kitchen:

I'm definitely drawn to a french country kitchen and I think I'd really like to have it all white. Though I also really love that traditional black and white kitchen floor on the pic 3 from the bottom.

What style of kitchen are you drawn to? Anyone ever done a full kitchen remodel? Tips?

(None of these piccies are mine, sorry if they are yours and I didn't source them, I've had them saved on my computer forever)


  1. I'm with you on the country style with the all white cabinets. I think that is my favorite kitchen look. its so light and airy but cozy at the same time! I have no tips on remodeling though, since we are still trying to get to the point of owning a kitchen of our own!

  2. i love them all! i want to move there and help you decorate!

  3. It's my favorite too - it's from all those nights we watched Practical Magic in college. ;)