Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Our Homecoming is Imminent

Well, we've set a date!

Homecoming is Jan. 17th. My my how time does fly. I can't believe we have been here for 5 months already and we have just shy of 2 months left. But looking back through my photo albums we've managed to squeeze in an awful lot over the last 5 months and have 2 more short trips planned over the coming 7 weeks. Somehow we've managed to make 2 trips back home to the US, go to Jamaica and Singapore and see more of Australia than I ever imagined and we still have New Zealand coming up.

We've been busy.

When we return to the good ole US of A we will unfortunately be living in our Oregon house for a month or two while we wait for our renters to move out of our San Francisco house. I say unfortunately, not because I don't want to stay in Oregon for a few months but because this puts everything we have planned on hold AGAIN!

Our renters informed us about 2 months ago that they had just bought a house and were remodeling and they thought they would be out of our house by the end of the year or January at the latest. So, we planned accordingly and made arrangements to be back in San Francisco towards the end of January, figuring if we had to stay in Oregon for a week or two if there was overlap in the dates that wouldn't be a big deal, at least we had the house to stay in and wouldn't be forced to stay with friends or live in a hotel.

Now, they have informed us that March 1 is the EARLIEST that they will be out and that they don't even know if they'll be out by then!

In our ideal world we planned on living in the house for Feb-March and having our final remodel plans sent in for permitting by March-April so that building could begin June-July. Sigh. Now everything will be pushed back by 2-3 months. Our timeline of having the house finished by Christmas next year is slowly becoming a pipe dream.

Another unfortunate side effect of living in Oregon is Dom's work. He can work remotely for the most part, but I'm sure he'll be forced to travel and it's not like there are international flights coming in and out of Eugene, Oregon, which means no matter what he's going to have to travel down to San Fran to get anywhere in the world, which adds on hours to traveling.


It is also cold in Oregon this winter, already snowed once, THAT IS NOT NORMAL OREGON WEATHER. I can only imagine how cold it's going to be come January! I am not looking forward to going from 35 degress C (that is 95 degrees F) to 35 degrees F. Brrrrr!

Anyone else feel like life keeps getting put on hold?

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  1. my life always feels like its on hold... sometimes it seems like I'm decades away from the life I want, so I can understand. But... yeah for the little stay in Oregon! Trip up to Portland is a must!!!