Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Quick Hello

For the, wait let me count...4th time now I am on my way back to Sydney. I can hardly put into words how horrible this 12-14 hour flight is. It just plain sucks, pure and simple. Luckily this is THE VERY LAST TIME that I will ever be doing it. Bold statement I know, but we have no plans to ever return to Sydney after we leave in January. No, it's not because I have any animosity towards Sydney or Australia, I in fact have quite enjoyed my whole Australian experience, it's because of this hellaciously long flight. I will avoid it at all costs.

On a lighter note I just got back from 6 days in Negril, Jamaica, I will post some piccies soon.


Prince William finally proposed to Kate Middleton, let the rejoicing ensue! What? You're not completely ecstatic that there's finally going to be another royal wedding that will rival the Di and Charles wedding back in the 80's? And that she got Princess Diana's gorgeous sapphire engagement ring? Well, I am, that lucky bitch. Perhaps we'll have to make a trip over the pond next year...about time to visit the in-laws anyway ;-)

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  1. OOOOOh! I didn't know that! Time to start googling about it!