Saturday, November 20, 2010

Jetlag's Evil Plan

I am not a morning person. I don't like the morning. Mornings are evil. Especially since I kicked my coffee habit and no longer have the joy of drinking coffee in the morning. Ok, that might be a tad overexaggerating because I'm drinking coffee right now, but I have officially kicked it down to one cup in the morning and sometimes I don't have any coffee at all, GASP! Sorry, I digress. Back to the sleeping/jetlag evilness thing. Even if I get plenty of sleep I just don't like to be up in the morning. I would much prefer to be up late and sleep in.

That being said I think jetlag has other plans for me. You see, jetlag thinks I should be a morning person. She sends me to bed before 10pm and wakes me up bright eyed and bushy tailed before 6am. I hate to see 6am...unless I'm coming at if from the other side, ie. going to bed at 6am I don't mind, because it usually means you were doing something fun.

I do however enjoy the wide awake feeling, where you know you can't sleep anymore and it's because you've had plenty of sleep not because you had a terrible nights sleep and you've just given up. Do some people feel like this all the time?

I am jetlagged so often these days that it's becoming the norm to go to sleep early and get up early rather than fight the jetlag. But that means I can't even stay up and watch an entire movie these days. It doesn't get dark until about 8pm now (summer, here we come!) which means you can't start a movie until 8pm, and if the movie you're watching is Harry Potter, well then you'll be asleep about halfway through! It also means that I am writing this at 7am. I like 7am only slightly more than 6am.


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