Thursday, April 6, 2017

Baby Noah - 18 Months

He's 18 months (alright we're actually at 20 months...i'm a little late).
Once again I'm surprised how in only a year and a half they go from screaming slobbering newborns to walking and talking little people.
Baby Noah is tall and skinny just like big brother:
Weight: 22 lbs 2 oz. (half pound bigger than Jett)
Height: 32 1/2 inches (1/4 inch shorter than Jett)
He still sleeps through the night.  But MUCH prefers Daddy to put him to bed rather than Mommy.  With me it's actually a bit of a struggle, he seems to want to nurse more and play more and just generally has no interest in going to bed.  He usually ends up screaming for a bit after I leave the room and often I have to go back in.  With Dom they go in to his bedroom, read stories and he's out a few minutes after Daddy leaves the room.
Naps are easier.  No struggle.  
He's down to one nap a day.  Generally 2 hours and I have to wake him up at 3pm to ensure he'll go down at 7:30pm
He still has his lovey.  Blue Bunny is THE BEST.  He also has a few other stuffed animals in the bed with him but blue bunny is by far his favorite.  Lately he spends an inordinate amount of time kissing it and asks everyone else to kiss it too, it's pretty adorable.

He loves to throw things away.  His diaper in the morning, the wrapper on Babybel cheeses, tissues, you get the idea.
He hates mess.  If he drops food at mealtime or drops a crumb on the floor while he's walking around with a snack he kind of freaks out.  He gets a funny look on his face and tries to pick it up and say "away".
He's much more of a talker than Jett was at this age.  He has a pretty big vocabulary and is adding words daily.  The best ones are Mommy and Daddy (also says mama and dada but mommy and daddy are cuter), Jett (love the way he says Jett) kitty, cat, plate, bowl, ball, nana (banana), muffin.  He has more but those are the ones that I can think of right off the top of my head.  He's VERY good at getting his point across.

He definitely understands EVERYTHING.  Just like Jett at this age I'm amazed at the comprehension.
Still nursing.  But not nearly as much as Jett.  I can get away with nursing 3 or 4 times on a good day.
Has graduated from the high chair (got MUCH more use out of it this time.  Noah used it for a full year).  But now he's a "big boy" and is loving sitting at the table in his booster seat.  He also loves sitting on the stool in the kitchen.  Especially if Jett sits with him in another stool.

Huge eater.  Loves food.  His favorties, curry, meatballs, blueberries, bananas and waffles. 

He loves anything that Jett loves.  So the toy cars get LOTS of use.  Tools, anything with wheels, so far the interests are the same.  Only huge difference from Jett is that Noah is a fan of balls, he loves to kick and throw them, something that Jett still has very little interest in.
LOVES the kitties.  Tries to lay on them, kiss them, stroke them and then hit them.
I love 18 months, they're such PEOPLE finally!

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