Friday, April 8, 2016

Baby Noah - 8 Months

Eight months was the magic month.

At 8 months baby Noah has started sleeping and crawling and YAY on both counts.

Amusingly I went back and looked at Jett's 8 month update and lo and's like I'm reading an update about Noah.  Seriously...I'm going to be writing almost the exact same thing.

Shall I save myself some time?  Go here and read this Jett update and pretend it's about Noah.

I kid!

As a 2nd child myself I know Baby Noah needs his own update.

So here goes.

Baby Noah had been dabbling at crawling for a few weeks but wasn't REALLY on the move.  Until FINALLY after 3 unbelievably crappy nights in which he stayed awake FOR HOURS crying (we were convinced it was teeth, even gave him ibuprofen!), he woke up one morning a brand new baby.  He could crawl, he could stand, he could cruise.  He suddenly started exploring on his own, venturing out of whatever room you put him in (crap!) and just generally moving around with a confidence that did not exist before. AND quit fussing at me all the damn time! He had been such a whiner, but it seems he was just frustrated. Moving baby equals happy baby.

He's already made it up a stair or two.  Sigh.  Must keep a better eye on him now!

 He will use ANYTHING to pull to standing.

Sleeping also took a turn for the better.  After the 3 craptastic nights mentioned above the next night he did TWO 6 hour stretches.  Which means I ACTUALLY SLEPT FOR 6 HOURS STRAIGHT.  It was kind of amazing.  Then the next night he slept for 9.5 hours!!!  Followed immediately by a night of 4 hour stretches.  BUT HE'S DOING IT!  We do no more than 2 night feeds and some nights we get away with only 1.  The light at the end of the very sleep deprived tunnel.

Naps are finally becoming reliable and I'm almost at the point where they're at set points in the day rather than 2.5 hours after he's up in the morning.  We're settling nicely into a 9:30/10am and 1:30/2pm routine for naps.  Nap length is roughly an hour, sometimes a bit more and sometimes a bit less.

Food.  This kid loves food.  I feel most of the time he would prefer real food to boob.  Though he's still happily nursing 5 or 6 times in any given 24 hour period.  He'll try almost anything but definitely prefers to be eating WHATEVER YOU ARE EATING.  If you try to give him something different than what he can see on your plate HE'S NOT HAPPY.  I can't give Jett a yogurt or a banana without also giving one to Noah.  I see his point, clearly it's unfair to try to give him "baby" food!  So, yeah, he pretty much eats anything we're eating.

Jett continues to love little brother.  He went so far as to tell me he wanted MORE babies.  Another brother and a sister to be exact.  I don't know about that Jett...I just don't know.

And just like big teeth!  Jett's first came in at 9 months, will baby Noah follow suit?


  1. This could also be an update on Owen! It's exact!!! And the whole "I want whatever food you're eating thing" ummm... it just continues and gets worse. We now give both boys milk in the SAME cup, or there is a tantrum. The same food. It can't be cut up different or Owen will lose his sh**... has to be EXACTLY like Austin has. It's kind of annoying.. I see future Christmas of "here. you both get new shoes. a new game. new pants. new basketball." two, two two, of everything!

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