Friday, June 10, 2016

Baby Noah - 10 Months

I have to admit I'm glad I'm almost done with these!
I love looking back at them but DAMN I am struggling to finish these last few months.

But here we go:

10 Months

This month baby Noah has picked up a few new skills.

He learned to clap.

He learned to wave.

He learned how to use a sippy cup properly.

He is also constantly saying Dadadadada...and every once in awhile Mamamamama.  Neither seem to really be directed at anybody as he says dadadada at me a lot.  But he's working on it.

He has a total of 2 teeth.  Both bottom have come in.

And HE IS OFFICIALLY SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT.  It is now the rare night that one of us ends up in there.  A whole month and a half before Jett!

As to the boob he is still nursing but could really take it or leave it.  We're at only 4 times a day now.  I can't imagine him going much past a year just of his own accord I think he'll end up weaning WAY before Jett.

Still loving all food.

And a few things that have been ongoing for several months that I never mentioned.  This kid LOVES baths.  I'm sure it helps that Jett is always in there with him but he absolutely loves the water.  I think we'll have fun this summer at the pool!

He gets MAD if he doesn't get what he wants.  There are a few things he REALLY likes/wants like the baby monitor, the remote and the phones.  If he sees any of these items and you remove them or don't give them to him he's sure to let you know how pissed off he is about it.

He's a climbing fool these days.  Anything he can reach that knee up to he manages to climb up on.  This means he can get on the couch by means of the ottoman, he can get on Jett's bed, he can get on a few of the smaller Jett chairs.  Lots of ways for baby to fall down!

Adorably he loves to lay his head down on anything soft.  Especially when he's tired if he's on a bed or a couch or there's a blanket or pillow on the floor he'll just lay his head down and rub his face in it.  SO CUTE.

And he has a lovey!  We had several small loveys that were gifted to us when Jett was a baby, he just never took to them. But from a young age Noah has really liked to scratch and rub his head so when it felt like he was ready I threw all 3 loveys in the crib with him.  He immediately took to "blue bunny" and has pretty much been in love with it ever since.

Only 2 more months little dude, just 2 more months before you're ONE!


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